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Book-Buying Monday

I'm not buying anything today, I'm finishing up reading the proof copy of The Edge of Worlds, and I'm behind on practically everything.

On December 11 we should be getting our chimney flashing fixed, so the roof will stop leaking. Cross your fingers for us. We still won't be able to use the fireplace, which is a bummer because it's been cold and rainy here. (The firebox needs to be repaired and it's a lower priority compared to everything else.)

For Patreon people, the next Raksura snippet/scene will be going up December 8. It's going to be a missing scene from The Siren Depths with Jade and Balm.

If you aren't following me on Facebook, I posted: Two bad things happened during the holiday. While we were out at the Galleria, a friend with a recurring eye problem had it recur badly so she had to make an emergency appointment with the eye doctor. Then right after that happened, we saw a young guy take a bad fall. He was walking past one of the kiosks that sit around in the open areas of the mall, tripped on something, and hit the stone tile and metal ledge supporting the glass partition face-first. It was about the worst place he could have hit without actually going over or through the glass partition and falling down to the next floor. Everyone just sort of stopped and stared, and everything went quiet. He was out cold for a minute or so. An older man helped him up and sat him down in the chair for the kiosk, spoke to him for a moment, then got on the phone hopefully calling the ambulance. I really hope he's okay and got an MRI at the hospital. I'm surprised his jaw wasn't broken.

Then we came home and one of the cats (Tasha) had a bad digestive upset again, a repeat of the one a couple of weeks ago. Our vet isn't open on the weekend, but I'm waiting to see if she keeps a little food down before panicking. I can take her to the emergency clinic at the Vet School, but I'd rather not if I can avoid it. Update: Tasha seems to be all right now, and didn't have any problems over the weekend. I'm hoping that's it for kitty gastrointestinal distress for a while.


If you're thinking of buying books for holiday gifts, all my available books are listed here on my website: in paper, ebook, and audiobook.

Also, John Scalzi has a holiday shopping guide post for traditionally published books today:


More Books


* I can't afford much in the way of new books at the moment, and am very dependent on the public library, but The Sorcerer of the Wildeeps by Kai Ashante Wilson was so good it blew my mind, and it's only $2.99 in ebook. Highly, highly recommended.

Upcoming books:

* Seven Wonders of the Once and Future World by Caroline M. Yoachim

* The Labyrinth of Flame by Courtney Schafer
The epic conclusion to the Shattered Sigil Trilogy--a tale of blood magic, spies, and wilderness adventure.

* A Daughter of No Nation by A.M. Dellamonica
As soon as Sophie Hansa returned to our world, she is anxious to once again go back to Stormwrack. Unable to discuss the wondrous sights she has seen, and unable to tell anyone what happened to her in her time away, Sophie is in a holding pattern, focused entirely on her eventual chance to return. Plus The Glass Galago short story.

* Dreaming Death: A Palace of Dreams Novel by J. Kathleen Cheney
Shironne Anjir's status as a sensitive is both a gift and a curse. Her augmented senses allow her to discover and feel things others can’t, but her talents come with a price: a constant assault of emotions and sensations has left her blind. Determined to use her abilities as best she can, Shironne works tirelessly as an investigator for the Larossan army. A member of the royal family's guard, Mikael Lee also possesses an overwhelming power—he dreams of the deaths of others, sometimes in vivid, shocking detail, and sometimes in cryptic fragments and half-remembered images. But then a killer brings a reign of terror to the city, snuffing out his victims with an arcane and deadly blood magic. Only Shironne can sense and interpret Mikael’s dim, dark dreams of the murders. And what they find together will lead them into a nightmare...

Element of Fire cover

Upcoming Story

I have a story in the anthology The Gods of Lovecraft, which is coming out on December 11 in hardcover, paperback, and ebook. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble) The other authors are Adam Nevill, Laird Barron, Bentley Little, Jonathan Maberry, Brett J. Talley, Christopher Golden, Joe R. Lansdale, Seanan McGuire, and Rachel Caine.

My story is a detective/mystery story, and may be heavily influenced by years of playing the Call of Cthulhu RPG.

excerpt of "The Dark Gates" by Martha Wells
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SGA - laughing

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So much has been going on that I forgot I'd contributed to this: The Cards Against Humanity Fantasy Pack

I need to get a copy so I can see which cards they used. I think I remember which ones I wrote but I'm not sure. (brain = stress = no memory)

John and Teyla - Uh Oh

Year Partially in Review

We had tornado warnings at 4:00 am and right now it's windy and absolutely pelting down rain and thundering. Yuck.

Saturday we went to Renfair and met a dragon:

For Patreon people, I've posted the next snippet in the Raksura Patreon:

Award nominations for this year are starting up, so for what it's worth, this is what I had come out this year:

May 2015 Between Worlds: the Collected Ile-Rien and Cineth Stories, ebook only (This was part of the Six by Six Kickstarter, and I don't think it's eligible for anything.) The original story for this collection was the Nicholas and Reynard story "Night at the Opera."

June 2015 Stories of the Raksura: Volume II The Dead City & The Dark Earth Below Night Shade Books, ISBN 978-1597805360. Two original novellas, "The Dead City" and "The Dark Earth Below"

December 2015 "The Dark Gates" The Gods of H.P. Lovecraft, Journalstone Press. (This isn't out yet.)

This doesn't look like much, but I sure feel like I've written a lot this year. I finished The Edge of Worlds and revised it, plus started the sequel, plus a couple of short stories. I still have a lot to do before Christmas.

Stargate in Distance


One of my cats (Tasha) is sick today, and I've got a call into the vet. I hope I can just go pick up some medicine and don't have to take her in. It will be a lot less expensive that way.

New Books

* Empress of Storms by Nicola M. Cameron
A king who must offer himself as royal consort to fulfill a treaty. A young queen and mage, unexpectedly married to the man she's loved since childhood. Two countries, divided by geography and united by a political marriage, are poised on the brink of a golden age. But will vicious magic and unexpected betrayal tear both the royal couple and their kingdoms apart?

* Uncanny Magazine: The Rainbow Flame by Shveta Thakrar

* Stacked YA: Black Girls Matter: A YA Reading List

* GoodReads: Popular SF/F And H with Queer Women Protags Books


Various News

I had a fabulous time at the writers signing and tea at the Twig Book Shop in San Antonio this weekend, and they still have plenty of signed books there. The weather even cooperated by not raining and flooding while we were driving there.

I finished off the next snippet for the Raksura Patreon, and it'll be posted on November 17. It turned out about twice as long as the first one. I also got the ARC proofread for The Edge of Worlds, and the ARCs should be out soon (actual book is out in April 2016). And I'm working on the sequel now, which still needs a title.

I had a nostalgia moment and went back and read Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement, which came out in 2007 and that I hadn't looked at since 2006. It's one of those books that has somewhat bad associations for me, for a variety of reasons, because of what was going on in my life at the time, and how bad my depression and anxiety became in those years. I was surprised how much fun it was to read it, and remember how much I enjoyed writing those characters in that story, and how fun it was to work out the plot.


* N.K. Jemisin: A snippet cut from The Fifth Season

* Mary Robinette Kowal: Sometimes Writer's Block is really Depression

* The Annual Book Fair for Ballou High School has started!
Every year, Guys Lit Wire lends its platform to host a book fair for Ballou. Working with librarian Melissa Jackson and her students, we build a wish list of titles they need and then ask the internet to buy a book (or 2) (or more) and send some joy their way. It's quick and it's easy and for book lovers in particular, it's a no-brainer.

We all know that books matter to kids, and we all know why buying books for teens who do not have wide access to them is a smart investment in our world's future. For Ballou, the school fund for book purchases is not large and as a Washington Post article showed earlier this year, the dollars for books in DC often go to wealthier neighborhoods. Also, when they get money schools like Ballou are often not able to purchase the sort of fun or seemingly frivolous titles that teens would really to read. That is where the Guys Lit Wire Book Fair for Ballou comes in. We buy the books the kids ask for, plain and simple.

* Patrick Rothfuss' Worldbuilders 2015 has started! This is a massive fundraiser for Heifer International, and you can donate and be entered in drawings for tons of signed books and other great prizes.


The Cloud Roads Sale

Oh, The Cloud Roads is $1.99 on US Kindle today:

and Nook:


Patreon Day and New Books

For Patreon People: I've posted the first snippet to the Patreon.

Story in anthology: I have a story in the The Gods of Lovecraft anthology, and it's now up for preorder at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.

My story is about a high society detective and her two partners investigating mysterious disappearances.

It will be out on December 11, 2015, and the other authors are Adam Nevill, Laird Barron, Bentley Little, Jonathan Maberry, Brett J. Talley, Christopher Golden, Joe R. Lansdale, Seanan McGuire, and Rachel Caine.

New Books:

* The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet by Becky Chambers
When Rosemary Harper joins the crew of the Wayfarer, she isn't expecting much. The patched-up ship has seen better days, but it offers her everything she could possibly want: a spot to call home, a chance to explore the far-off corners of the galaxy, and some distance from her past.

* The Acolyte by Nancy Hightower
"In The Acolyte, Hightower reimagines the lives of biblical figures, particularly women, so that they stand out in unexpected beauty and strangeness. Vivid, uncompromising, and saturated with spiritual longing, these poems offer both a critique of our old readings of the Bible, and a passionate series of new ones." -- Sofia Samatar, author of A Stranger in Olondria

* The Gulf of Time and Stars by Julie E. Czerneda
First in a new science fiction trilogy, set in the same universe as the Clan Chronicles, by the Prix Aurora Award-winning Julie E. Czerneda.

* The Nectar of Nightmares by Craig Laurance Gidney
What’s it about: A short story about a different type of monster. A kaleidoscopic story, full of dream logic.

* Weighing Shadows by Lisa Goldstein
Ann Decker fixes computers for a living, and in the evenings she passes the time sharpening her hacking skills. It's not a very interesting life, but she gets by—until one day she's contacted with a job offer for a company called Transformations Incorporated. None of her coworkers have ever heard of it before, and when Ann is finally told what the company does, she can hardly believe it: TI has invented technology to travel in time.

* Black Wolves by Kate Elliott - now available
Twenty two years have passed since Kellas, once Captain of the legendary Black Wolves, lost his King and with him his honor. With the King murdered and the Black Wolves disbanded, Kellas lives as an exile far from the palace he once guarded with his life.

* Jeweled Fire by Sharon Shinn - now available
As one of the four princesses of Welce, Corene always thought she might one day become queen. Only circumstances changed, leaving fiery Corene with nothing to show for a life spent playing the game of court intrigue—until a chance arises to become the ruler of a nearby country.


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