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Made a lamb roast with mint sauce and gravy, family recipe baked beans with cinnamon and brown sugar, dressing, curry green beans, and rolls. It turned out really well, though the recipe for the lamb looked simple but there was a lot of heavy lifting.

Here’s the recipe:

And then we had chocolate Yule Log/bûche de Noël (which I didn’t make, I bought it at the grocery store bakery).

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Cold day, warm kitties. Even the fireplace wasps are sleeping.

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I had anxiety dreams last night, not fun. But I think we've gotten everything we need for Christmas. I might need to go to the grocery store one more time, but that's it. I also need to finish cleaning the house. I was feeling a little sick last night, so I hope that doesn't continue.

* Our kickstarter funded! Yay! So that's a big relief.

* When I went to Convergence back in the summer, I was interviewed for the Skiffy and Fanty show.
Flying critters, fancy worlds, and super fan Paul, oh my! In one of our last remaining recordings from CONvergence, Paul lets Shaun tag along for an interview with Martha Wells. We discuss the Raksura series, her upcoming work, writing fan and tie-in fiction, Harrison Ford’s leg issues, and much more.

* Speaking of anxiety: Vox: 9 Things I wish people understood about anxiety

* Atlas Obscura: American Ancients: 10 of the United States' Most Intriguing Archaeological Mysteries

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New cover


This is the cover (by Jenn Reese/Tiger Bright Studios) for my anthology in the Six by Six kickstarter:

* If you missed it, I had a post yesterday with a bit on editing the Raksura anthologies plus links.

Good luck to everyone participating in Yuletide challenge! You've got three days to go, you can do it!

As soon as I finish editing and turn in the revision of the second Raksura anthology, I need to start the heavy duty housecleaning. Also I want to try to see the Alan Turing movie this weekend.

Stargate Atlantis

Quickie Post

This week I've been working on Raksura editing for the second novella collection. Today is "The Dark Earth Below," the long novella. In this one the colony's attacked while Jade is having her first clutch. Other novella is "The Dead City," about Moon right after Saraseil.

If you missed the first novella collection, it's out now in paperback, ebook, and audiobook: info here.

* We've got $1000 to go to fund our Six by Six kickstarter: There are still some great reward levels left, like a signed hardcover of Tina Connolly's Ironskin, and signed copies of Brenda Cooper's Ruby's Song duology.

* SF Signal: Catherine Lundoff on LGBT Science Fiction and Fantasy 2000-2010 (Part 1)

* Big Think: Africa, Uncolonized: A Detailed Look at an Alternate Continent

* A Lack of Female Characters is Always a Choice by Rhiannon Thomas

* Me and Brenda Cooper were on the Speculate SF podcast, and on their Publishing Good, Bad, & Ugly patreon.

SGA Maps


Yesterday, I did some last bits of shopping (still not quite finished), wrapped stuff while Troyce put lights and some bead garlands on the tree, and I started map making.

I really really like the fact that we don't travel for Christmas. It makes it so much more relaxing. We have a friend who comes and stays with us for a few days for it, plus a friend who comes over for dinner on Christmas eve and friends who come for Christmas day. And we get to stay in our own house, leaks and the occasional wasp notwithstanding.

Today, more writing.

* Me and Brenda Cooper were on the Speculate SF podcast, and on their Publishing Good, Bad, & Ugly patreon.

* This is the last day for the auctions of my stuff in the Worldbuilders fundraiser for Heifer International:

- This is one of the invitations I received for the George R.R. Martin exhibit Deeper Than Swords at Cushing Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection.

- A signed paperback set of Fall of Ile-Rien

- And a signed hardcover of Star Wars: Razor's Edge

I have some signed books in the general rewards pool of the fundraiser, and the instruction post for contributing to the fundraiser is here.

* and we are still going along in the kickstarter for the Six by Six anthology collection, where if it funds I'll have a collection of older Ile-Rien and Cineth stories, plus a new Nicholas and Reynard story set before The Death of the Necromancer.

Atlantis Dark

News of me

If you follow me (or try to follow me) on Facebook, in 2015 there are going to be changes that will keep me from posting about my books there. Facebook will classify as advertising:
Updates about a new book release.
Updates about a book launch and/or event.
Updates about Rafflecopter and other giveaways.

If I post any information about my books, I can be charged for it or thrown off the site. As another author pointed out, depending on how aggressively they pursue this, people who try to pass on information about new books, book launches, make book recs, reviews, etc, may find themselves being asked for money or have their account deleted as well. It also sounds like bookstores won't be able to post info about their signings and events, etc.

Since Facebook already restricts what it shows you on your feed, especially posts with links, this will make it pretty impossible for me to continue to post. I just can't afford to pay their fees.

This journal or the mirror on Dreamwidth are the best way to keep up with any news I have about new stories and books, and what little there is up my life that doesn't involve stories and books. I also post on twitter: (note I'm marthawells1 -- there are other marthawells who aren't me), and (though I post a bunch of other stuff there so my updates might get lost in the mix).

I do a mailing list on my web site where I post specifically about book releases, new stories, or other big news.


In other news the WorldBuilders auctions for Heifer International end Sunday.

I also have some signed books in the general rewards pool of the fundraiser. The instruction post for contributing to the fundraiser is here.


Our kickstarter for Six by Six is going along pretty well so far. I'll have a new Nicholas and Reynard story in it, "Night at the Opera," set before The Death of the Necromancer


Neat review of Stories of the Raksura I. He says you should read the books first, but "the world building here is really quite astounding, right from the concept for the Raksura themselves, to the construction of their world, to the social hierarchies, to the gender politics."


I finished a new short story last night which will hopefully be in an anthology (cross your fingers). Still need to do a last revision pass on it after it sits a while. Plus I need to start making a map for the Three Worlds cause it turns out I need one, at least for my own reference.


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I have another item in the auctions for the WorldBuilders fundraiser for Heifer International: this is one of the invitations I received for the George R.R. Martin exhibit Deeper Than Swords at Cushing Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection.

Other fundraiser auctions for Worldbuilders:

A signed paperback set of Fall of Ile-Rien

And a signed hardcover of Star Wars: Razor's Edge

And Bradley Beaulieu and Tina Connolly talked about Six by Six is on's Rocket Talk, about short fiction vs. long, narrative-driven shorts vs theme-driven, how the two different markets reward creativity (or don't), and more.

SGA Maps

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How is everyone who's writing for Yuletide doing? I hope it's going well! (especially if you're writing fanfic for my books)

The masonry guy didn't show up yesterday, so I'll just sit here with my wasps.

I've seen the almost finished cover for Stories of the Raksura II: The Dark Earth Below and The Dead City, and it's gorgeous. It's by Matthew Stewart, who won a Chesley Award for the cover of The Cloud Roads.

I'm 79,000 words into (with about 40,000-50,000 to go) on a new novel, which I can tell you about when the contract is finalized.

Book recs

* N.K. Jemisin: Launch Day for the Inheritance Trilogy Omnibus which includes a new novella "The Awakened Kingdom."

* Fantasy For Good Featuring brand new fiction from Piers Anthony, Michael Moorcock, Carrie Vaughn, Kelley Armstrong, Alan Dean Foster, Katharine Kerr, David Farland, Jane Lindskold, Nnedi Okorafor, Todd McCaffrey and many more, alongside classic tales from George R.R. Martin, Jay Lake, Kevin J Anderson & Rebecca Moesta, and Neil Gaiman.
All proceeds from the sale of this anthology go directly to The Colon Cancer Alliance, a charity dedicated to the prevention of this deadly disease, as well as funding research and supporting patients who suffer from it.