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I just found out that my story "Holy Places" in Black Gate #11 made the Honorable Mention list in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2008 Yay! (Like my other two stories in Black Gate, it was about Giliead and Ilias, and set before the Fall of Ile-Rien trilogy.)

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Wooo! Well-deserved, too. Congrats!

Oh, awesome! Congratulations! I really love that story, too.

Woo hoo! Congrats! So is there a HM list somewhere? How did you find out?

Thanks! You have to look the book up on Amazon, and then use the "search inside" function to search for author names to see if they're mentioned. (I would never have thought of that myself; I saw it on somebody else's LJ.)

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Congratulations! That's wonderful.


That was my favorite of the three Black Gate stories.

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