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Stargate Monuments


Seriously, vote.

A couple of funny political moments:

From slodwick: From The Nation: Why I'd be a Better VP Than Sarah Palin by Roseanne Cash

From Ansible, the SF/F newsletter: Michael Chabon explains the mood of the US Democratic National Convention in easy-to-understand terms as 'like the change that might occur between the first and second volumes of some spectacular science fiction fantasy epic. / At the end of the first volume, after bitter struggle, Obama had claimed the presumptive nomination. We Fremen had done the impossible, against Sardaukar and imperial shock troops alike. We had brought water to Arrakis. Now the gathered tribes of the Democratic Party [...] had assembled on the plains of Denver to attempt to vanquish old Saruman McCain.' (_New York Review of Books_, 9 October)

ETA: here's the link for Texas residents to find their polling location

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VOTED. And I feel like I'm going to explode.

Voted first thing this morning, no muss, no fuss. then again, we're not a battleground state.

Voted. :D

Fennish collision - one of my favorite authors talking about my other favorite author? Weird. Is it bad that that's probably one of the more accurate portrayals of this whole presidential race I've seen?

Yep, his description sounds pretty accurate to me, too.

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