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Best Present Ever Part II

And here's the photo:

Present from Heidi2524, taken at the Vancouver SG1-SGA convention

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Aww! That's a great present! I would've died to have gotten one of those myself!

that is just so cool :)


LOOK AT HIS FACE! It's all 'come hither' and adorkable and hot and WOW! (And his hair is standing straight up as usual. <3 <3)

That totally is the best present ever.

That's pretty adorable.

What a great prezzie!

*DIES* I can't believe his little Han Solo smirk there. Awesome.

Lovely! What a nice present!

Mmmmmm. Cool. Would not, as the saying goes*, kick him out of bed for eating biscuits.

*entirely hypothetically speaking, what with approaching my very happily married 20th wedding anniversary :)

(Deleted comment)
That's a great picture and yup, best present ever!!

Hoo, hellOOOOO nurse! Very nice!

Okay, that is just the sweetest thing! Heidi2524 for thinking of it and JFlan for being such an adorable accomplice!

Hee! Beyond awesome. You lucky badger.

So you know she really loves you. :)

EEeeeeEEEEE!<-- that would have been my response if a present of that caliber were given to me!

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