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Post from Bookends, LLC: Good Enough is Never Enough:
I will tell you right now that "it's good enough" will never, ever cut it in this business, and it's not just the writing that always needs to be better than good enough, it's your attitude. If you're not willing to work your fingers to the bone to make it really happen in the biggest way possible, it won't. It just plain won't. You won't grow, you won't learn, and you won't get published.

I think this applies even to writing as a hobby. You should be willing to go to the effort to polish it and make it the best piece you can, even if you're just posting it for your friends to read.


It finally rained here yesterday, after many 100-plus days. It's not going to last long, but at least for a while our yard doesn't look quite as dead.

And we did find a good retractable outdoor clothesline. Have to see what our utility bill looks like after a month of cutting back drastically on using the dryer.

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Excellent link. Thanks for sharing :)

The link kind of reminds me of a student my step-mom once had in her lighting design class. On the first day of class he went up to her and asked what was the minimum required effort to pass her class. She basically told him to drop the class. I don't remember what ended up happening with him. But that is a very bad attitude that does prevent learning.

Yeah, and I also think there's still a perception that a) writing is easy and b) everybody who finishes a book sells it and c) everybody who sells a book becomes a rich bestseller overnight. I'm not sure where those ideas came from and why they're so prevalent.

I'm guessing not a lot of people have actually tried it. I'm a visual artist, so I get that "it's easy, not 'real' work" type stuff all the time. Which is more than a little obnoxious when it comes from people who struggle to draw stick figures. I'm not sure where it comes from either. It may have something to do with the idea that work isn't something that's enjoyable. So when people do manage to make a living out of something that is enjoyable to them it's not seen as real work.

That's probably a big part of it. I'm also trying to think if I've ever seen a movie with a writer or artist who isn't fantastically rich/a bestseller. There probably hasn't been one since the 40s.

Good Enough is Never Enough

I agree with you, Martha. If you don't take the time to expand your knowledge, take some classes, following the publishing trends and hone your craft, you won't make it here. I've been to critique groups where member make the same mistakes, week after week. It's disheartening to watch them flail about, wondering why their work doesn't sell.

Aelle Ables

Re: Good Enough is Never Enough

Yep. I've also seen situations where people will take the same story to workshop after workshop, over and over, and never move on to anything new.

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