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More art-related posts:

Jim Hines: Sexism is Not About Your Ego: There are people, myself included, who have been watching to see how Realms would move forward under new management and whether this trend would change. To see whether Realms would continue the boobs and chainmail cliches. We got one out of two.

In the comments, bearmountain makes a good point about the covers for Black Gate, that they depict intriguing scenes and landscapes (without naked women) that make you want to read the stories. I think that really nails what draws me in about particular covers. I'm not big on character portrait covers (with gigantor boobs or without) because I haven't read the book yet and I have no idea who that is, and also know the chances of the portrait on the cover actually resembling anybody in the book is probably hovering at 05% at best. (I expect the effect is different if it's a character I probably already know, like Elric or Miles Vorkosigan, for instance.) Awesome fantasy landscapes, fascinating cities, an intriguing action scene, are a lot more likely to make me pick up a book.


and on a different topic, John Picacio's An Open Letter to Adam Roberts.

Here are the gorgeous gallery sites of Donato Giancola, Dan Dos Santos, Bob Eggleton, and John Picacio again.

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Thanks for these links! Picacio's open letter to Adam Roberts, whoever he may be, is a delight to read -- he makes such good points about the artworks chosen, and I think the Giancola and the Eggleton in particular are knockouts. I really really want to read the story that Giancola's art illustrates...

The Golden Rose by Kathleen Bryan, aka me. :)

It's a stunning recreation of a key scene in the book.

Hah, you beat me. :) That's an utterly gorgeous cover. The only thing better than his covers is seeing his work in person.

I am resolved to stop hiding my light under the giant bushel basket, and Speak Up. Working on it. (the miserable wriggle is getting a little better)

I can imagine how incredible his work is in person. The detail, the craft, the mastery of line and color as well as composition--there aren't many artist-illustrators out there who can match him. I was thrilled to get him as a cover artist for those books, and he did them up proud.

Cast off that bushel basket!

I got to see a few of his paintings at the last Boston WorldCon, including the original for my book The Wizard Hunters. We thought about selling the car so we could buy it but managed not to. :)

Thank you! I will definitely go and look for your book. Please don't feel like speaking up is a bad thing -- I'm thrilled to get a response from the author. :-)

The cover is mesmerizing, and I can only imagine how gorgeous the original painting must be.

Also, I've now read a bit of the RoF discussion Martha linked to (am not sure I will read it all because my head might explode with rage, frankly) and clearly, RoF's art editor is incapable of understanding the difference between "portraying a mermaid" and "portraying a sexy bare-breasted babe for male readers to ogle who happens to be a mermaid". I think Donato Giancola shows the difference in your book cover, though I realize it's not an exact parallel.

Thank you very kindly. I have a problem with self-promo, in an age when if you don't do it, you don't sell, and it's been A Problem in a grander sense. So, trying to overcome the oldtime Yankee resistance and stand out there and say IT'S ME!

The sexualization of the female mammary equipment has gone 'way over the top in our culture, to the point that when them as is agin it scream, their loudest decibelage is devoted to the theme, Think of the CHILDREN!!!!1@!!

Total disconnect there. Because what's the first thing a baby heads for after it's born? And one of the main things it sees in the earliest part of its life?

This culture is so messed up about sex.

I agree whole-heartedly about the Black Gate covers (although the last one looked suspiciously like Fergie, she was still clothed).

Also, JoSelle Vanderhooft posted an art link you might appreciate (as you like ther art.) The site is, however, NSFW, as there are nude dolls.

Hines's letter is dead-on in response to a common attitude from men (and straight people, and white people) who are confronted with a behavior that may be hurtful.

Some of the responses are very typical rationalizations for such behavior, and make me tired. At least the artwork from the other link is nice.

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