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Hurricane Ike Anniversary

The Big Picture: One Year After Hurricane Ike. There are some really poignant before and after photos of Galveston here. From photo 2 on, click on the photo to get the alternate version.

One of the big differences that's hard to see in photos is the dead trees. Galveston used to have tree-lined streets, but the saltwater killed a huge number of them.

We were in Galveston on vacation when Ike was about to come in, and left at the first mandatory evacuation, so we were back home by the time it hit. Here's my before and after photo set.

And this one, showing the Ike waterline on the Strand:

ETA: Photo 10 on The Big Picture, where it says "Murdoch's Pier and restaurants amid the debris..." That debris was Murdoch's Pier. There was nothing left of it but the pilings, but it's being rebuilt. It was originally built in the late 1800s and rebuilt after the 1900 hurricane.

ETA2: Dallas Morning News Before and After Pictures

ETA3; The Short but Eventful Life of Ike from The Big Picture, September 2008.


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