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I mentioned this on Facebook, but I finished another fantasy novel the other day. It's called The Serpent Sea, but at the moment it has no chance of being published because it's set in the same world as The Cloud Roads, which hasn't sold to a publisher yet. But it's still feels good to finish it.

I'm also working on a YA fantasy, and I'm about a little more than halfway through it, but it doesn't have a publisher yet either.

I don't tend to talk about what I'm working on here, because I don't like to talk about unsold work, because people tend to keep asking when it will come out, and I have to keep explaining how it's not sold yet, which is not fun. (And believe me, if I sell another book, you will be hard-pressed not to hear about it, because I will talk about it a lot, everywhere.) But I've found that if I don't talk about it at least occasionally, I get emails asking why I'm not writing anything anymore. Which is not fun either, when you're spending most of your time writing.

Since I fled my last day job, I think the only year when I didn't finish a book was 2007, when I scrapped the fantasy novel I had been working on. (The salvaged material from that book is the Giliead and Ilias stories that have been/are being published in Black Gate Magazine.) I'm also hoping to finish the YA fantasy this year too, which will be two books finished this year and so that'll make up for 2007.

I'll keep my fingers crossed! And so will my congoing buddy J.

I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the concept of one of the best fantasy authors alive having a hard time selling her work.

Thanks. :) There are a lot of other writers in the same boat, right now. The boat's getting really crowded, actually.

It is good to hear you're still writing. I figured you had to be, but it's still nice to hear it. It does make me wonder what's wrong with the publishing industry that you're having trouble selling your work. You are a very seriously talented writer.

Thanks very much. :) There are a lot of other writers in the same situation, now. It really sucks.

You can let the publishers know you have at least one guaranteed sale for each book.

(Deleted comment)
I can't believe anyone would *not* want to publish your work. What's going on in their minds?
(Yes, I know the technical answer; but I still think they're out of their trees. I would certainly buy any book by you, YA or grownup.)

My fingers are crossed for you to get your books published - and for all of us to be able to read them soon. I'm madly impressed that you're going to be finishing two books this year. That's a lot of effort and determination.

Thanks :) I think I'm actually getting a bit more prolific as I get older.

I look forward to reading all of these books eventually.

Also, I just saw A Walk out of the World on your sidebar! Did you read The Marrow of the World too? I don't think I know anyone else who read these obscure Cdn fantasies from the 70s, but I discovered them as a teen & still love them (the Trina Schart Hyman illustrations in the hc edns are marvellous).


Yes, I found both of them in hardcover at the Fort Worth Public Library when I was a kid, and then later got copies of them in paperback. Those were great books!

What is your agent saying about the books?

She liked The Cloud Roads, but hasn't read the other two yet, except for about the first 40 pages of the YA. The Cloud Roads is still being looked at by publishers, it's just been making the rounds for over a year, with no response.

Here it's a shame that the writing business isn't more like the music business. If you were a band we liked you could sell us a rough, unfinished mix of your new novel to enjoy while still shopping it to labels, or let us subscribe to you in exchange for yearly output.

A pity we're trapped inside a systems where I need an irrelevant third party to broker your art for my consumption ;(

Yeah, I do think publishing will change for the better over the next couple years or so, especially as more publishers start taking better advantage of the ebook market, but right now things suck.

Brilliant! Some day we will get to read those books. If only there were more your devoted fans could do than sending mind-control rays at publishers telling them to buy your MSs...

In packing some stuff I found some of your books I had misplaced. So now I am rereading some stuff I read a long time ago.

Heres to hoping you find a sane publisher soon. Thinking good thoughts in your direction.

Heartened to hear that the books exist - I was afraid that you'd had to give up writing - but madly frustrated that I am not able to read them. Aren't there any publishers out there who read and love their own products?

Thanks :) I think most editors love the books they put out, but with the economy and the way chain stores order books, and all the other problems, sometimes there's no choice.

I'm glad to hear this update, too, though wish it was a shout-from-the-rooftops message that the next book had sold.

Not long ago, while looking for something else in my house, I ran across my copy of Wheel of the Infinite and have been rereading it. I was just thinking the other night how much your books have the depth of worldbuilding and character interaction to repay rereading.

Thanks :) I love to hear that people are rereading my books.


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