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thanate asked: What kind of research do you tend to do when you're writing about things that take place in a notably different climate and ecology from the one you're used to?

If it's a real world climate and ecology, I'd try to find articles or biographies written by people who live there, or visited there. National Geographic can be very handy for this. If it's a created world ecology, you can do the same thing for its closest real-world equivalent. You basically need to know enough to give your descriptions verisimilitude, and to give the reader just enough detail to make them feel what the characters are going through, without bogging down into a travelogue.

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My cousin Kelly Overton was in the episode of Three Rivers last night. Last year it was very neat to see her on Psych, where she got to be all evil and everything.

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This is wonderfully timely, actually!

National Geographic! Of course! That was actually exactly what I was looking for to help with this year's NaNo, as my library system has been quite unhelpful with real books; thank you. :)

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