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Speaking of YA books, oracne did a review of Libyrinth, by Pearl North

Realms of Fantasy Magazine: Please Help Us Serve You Better (and create accountability) We have purchased premium placement for the month of December in Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Chapters. We’ve been receiving reports from all over the country that suggest we are not receiving this placement in at least two of these chains.

For Vampire fans: Local Austin writer Don Webb has a new story collection just released by Dark Moon Press on Kindle: A Velvet of Vampyres $2.22

Some people would say Don Webb is a winner (Fiction Collective Prize 1990, Death Equinox 1999), others would say he is a loser (he has been nominated for and didn't win the International Horror Critics Award, Rhysling Award, Shirley Jackson Award and a Hugo for fan writing). Some people would say he was mysterious with a string of non-fiction occult books as well as being a Master of the Order of the Vampyre.

Maybe he's popular (Trucker's USA), maybe he's high-brow (Norton's Anthology). This fictive grimoire will leave you with more questions. Exploring the Vampyre, the undead archetype of Desire and Blood, Dark Magic and White Hot Lust the tales here are far from from conventional. The stories range from the Sumerian roots of the myth to modern day quantum physics, from the torture of being loved by a Vampyre to the the need for art. Some of the material has been anthologized (in Blood Muse and Louisiana Vampires), some comes from The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Two tales and a poem are unique to the book. There is also an essay, part magickal and part current cultural criticism "Why Vampyres?"


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