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AggieCon 41

I'm going to be Special Guest at AggieCon 41 this year, February 5-7, in College Station, Texas, at the College Station Hilton Hotel. It's earlier in the year, and also off-campus, because of the construction at the Memorial Student Center has closed down a lot of the programming space.

This is a special convention for me, because when I was a student at Texas A&M University, I was a member of Cepheid Variable, the student committee that put on the convention, and I was chairman of AggieCon 17.

Also, I'm not currently scheduled for any other cons this year, because until we get some news about Troyce's job situation, we can't really afford any hotel bills or travel.


I made butternut squash soup for the first time last week, and it was delicious, and very easy to do. (Except the squash was hard to cut up with the knife I had; at one point I wanted to use a table saw instead.) I used this recipe, except without the nutmeg, which I hate unless the taste is buried under a lot of cinnamon.


art link: John Picacio's 2009 Published Work Gorgeous pieces.

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I'm glad you have a con right next door, and yay for being special guest!

I love butternut squash soup, and I have a tip for the hacking part: what I do is put the squash in the oven, whole (I usually do three at a time and make a huge pot of soup), and let it roast at 200 C for a while, depending how big the squash is it could be a half hour to an hour -- as soon as it feels soft when you poke it, it's done.

Then I cut them in half (the knife should now slide through them easily) and let them cool a bit. You can either scoop out the insides or peel them, if they are done the rind will come right off. Then just throw the squash into a pot and follow the rest of the recipe.

Oh, great tip! That should make it much easier.

That soup sounds GOOD.

Yay for a con! That will be fun!

Fingers crossed that Troyce's job situation shakes out soon.

It was really good, and didn't need any seasoning except for the salt and pepper.

Thanks! :)

By golly, I'm glad to hear it! I wish we could be there, but it's not likely to work out for us.

Thanks! And sorry you can't come, we'll miss seeing you guys.

That's way early! I remember AggieCon always used to be the weekend of my birthday. Back in high school it was a nice birthday present to go to a college campus for a weekend. :)

Yeah, it was usually the last weekend of March or the first weekend of April, depending on when spring break and Easter was. The weather is a lot better at that time, too.

Well, I am glad you're going to be Aggiecon. My plans are to do the $10 a day thing on Friday and Saturday since I live in town. And you amaze me: you chaired Aggiecon 17, lived to tell the tale, and STILL you come back! That's impressive.

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