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Auction for Help_Haiti

I've put a hardcover copy of my book Wheel of the Infinite up for auction in the help_haiti fundraising community here.

You bid by replying to the comment, and when the auction closes on January 20, the winner will pay by donating directly to one of the charitable organizations on the community's list. The winner can then forward me an email receipt or screencap of the donation, shipping info, and how you want the book signed, and I'll send it to you.

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Hmm... I have the book (of course!), and I just made a big donation to Medicins Sans Frontiers, but since this has been up nearly 2 hours and no one has bid, I will spike the pot and see if that gets the ball rolling.


Outbid me, people!

The bidding has to be on the auction comment in the help_haiti community, which you can see by following this link here. The bidding there is at $15.00 currently. :)

Oops. Sorry! Missed that. thought it was replying to that comment. Me dumb.

Went over there and kicked it up to $20.

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