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Another neat thing about AggieCon this year was the number of hall costumes. There was a Zombie theme, and a few people came with great Zombie outfits. One of the artists was also doing Zombie face painting Saturday night, so that was very neat. A few people had steampunk outfits with goggles and gadgets, and Saturday night there was also a workshop on SF/F fashion and a workshop for decorating tiny little hats. So by later that night, everybody was stylin'.

Convention Links:

Patrice Sarath's AggieCon Review

Jayme Blaschke's AggieCon report plus photos from Lisa on Location.

A link sent to me by Caroline Spector: A transcript of a Worldbuilding panel held at ArmadilloCon a few years ago, where the audience built a world in the course of the panel with Caroline Spector, Rachel Caine, Cat Conrad, Rie Sheridan Rose, Gloria Oliver, and Mark Finn.

Texas in 2013 the WorldCon bid for San Antonio. Presupporting memberships are only $20.00

Neat Stuff:

Belogradchik This castle built out of a mountain was the main image on Bing a few days ago, and it's incredible.

Rick Klaw posted this link: Les Fleurs du Skull Carlo Farneti's illustrations for a 1935 edition of Baudelaire's Les Fleurs du Mal

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It was great to meet you, btw, and I hope I didn't make too much of a fool of myself :p

I wish I'd had a chance to stay for more of it, but I didn't have a lot of time to spend, so I had to be choosy, unfortunately. Still, I think I chose well :)

It was great meeting you! And you didn't make any kind of a fool of yourself at all. :)

And I'm glad you enjoyed the con!

Sounds (and looks) like it was great!

It really was, wish you could have been there!

WorldCon in San Antonio would be awesome.

There was one there back in 1998 or 1999, something like that, and it was awesome. The convention center and the hotels are connected by the river walk, so you could get back and forth down there and never had to go up to the street level. There are a bunch of restaurants on the river walk, too.

I'm now wondering if you saw anyone combining the zombie face painting with the (steampunked?) hats. Glad you had such a good time!

The tiny top hats are a Japanese street fashion thing. They're very cute.

And thanks!

Thanks for posting a link to my article about the worldbuilding panel. I'm glad my blog does not go completely unread. :-)

Caroline sent me the link to it; you've got a lot of great stuff on there!

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