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Got to see friends who came into town yesterday and had a great time, during which I ate an entire pizza. But it was a really good pizza. We also got our tax stuff ready, and I cleaned out and rearranged some filing cabinets. I realized I hadn't gone through and gotten rid of old bank and credit card receipts since 2007. Yes, that would be about when stress ate my life. But I'm mostly caught up and now have places to keep stuff I actually need.

I'm still hoping my stress cough will go away eventually, like hopefully before I die.

Links from the flist:

jimhines needs more respondents for his first professional novel survey. He's looking for writers who have sold a novel for at least a $2000 advance, any genre.

fastfwd linked to the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop, a crash course in astronomy that's great for writers.

The 2010 Con or Bust Auction is going on until March 13th.

rusty76 posted pictures of a six foot cake tribute to SF from the Capital Area Confectioners Cake Show

Alyx Dellamonica planetalyx will be teaching her UCLA online course in Writing the Fantastic

From bramble_rose: Zahi Hawass' Web Site YES! If you're an Egyptian archeology fan, this is awesome.

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Hee, I love the cake, and the alien graffiti. And I hope your cough goes away soon, bah! Have you tried making ginger tea from fresh ginger (and add lots of honey) to soothe your throat?

Thanks! The actual cold that caused the cough is long gone, this is just a weird stress reaction I get, so things like tea and cough drops don't tend to help. I've had it before (due to a really stressful person I had a lot of trouble with) but that time it came with an ulcer and a weird asthma-like reaction. My doctor gave me prilosec for the the ulcer and a sample inhaler for the asthma thing, and once those went away the cough petered out on its own. So I'm hoping this will just go away at some point.

Thanks for the link. Very much appreciated.

And wow -- that cake is amazing!

No prob! :) I linked to it on Facebook back when you first put it up, too, so hopefully that helped a bit.

You had a very productive weekend! I'm jealous.

Hopefully the cough will go away stat. :/

R.e. the links: That cake is AMAZING. And Zahi Hawass' website!!! I spent WAY too much time browsing there last night. (I also created a feed to follow on LJ. *geek*) I got to see him speak in January '09; he gave a presentation about his work and about King Tutankhamun in particular. It was so much fun. He's great speaker.

Oh cool, I'm jealous you got to see him in person. I've loved seeing him on all the documentaries.

Oh hey, daily_flan had a great Joe Flanigan photo posted today, from Outcast.

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