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My lousy day suddenly got a lot better: I got invited to go out to dinner tonight with Hal Hall, some other librarians, and James Gunn, who's here for the opening of the One Hundred Years Hence exhibit.

I'm also going to the opening of exhibit tomorrow at 3:00, and the people who have seen the catalog already say it's fabulous. James Gunn and Elizabeth Moon are going to be the speakers for the opening ceremony.

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Have a wonderful time. You deserve really really good days. Lots and Lots of them.

Oh, I love James Gunn! He's such a fantastic gentleman ;o)

Have a great time! (And if you think of it, please tell Hal I said hello -- I know him from my days editing the SFRA Review, although I think we only met once in person.)

I'll just stay home and eat leftovers. In the dark. Up hill. Both ways ;)

If you see this in time, please say hello to Hal for me! I used to work for him.

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