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The dinner last night with James Gunn was awesome. One cool thing: in 1936, when he was 13, he saw H.G. Wells speak, as part of Wells' tour of the US. And I'm really looking forward to the exhibit opening this afternoon.

The weather has been really good for the past couple of days, just in time for spring break. So far this week I have cleaned out and partially dredged my pond, cleaned out my fountain, and finished raking the leaves. Though the yard still looks horrible, like it's part of an abandoned post-holocaust landscape. At least it's better than it was last week.

Jeff VanderMeer posted An Overview of International SF/F of 2009 A great rec list of books from China, Israel, Italy, Finland, Brazil, France, Russia, etc, etc.

For something completely different: The Great Illusion on Haute Macabre. Photos by Paolo Roversi.

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This time of year, all the yards look brown and forlonr...

How's Jim doing? I do wish I could get to Kansas this year.

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