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Me at the One Hundred Years Hence Exhibit

I'm going to do a bigger post on the Hundred Years Hence exhibit once I get all the photos uploaded, but I had to go ahead and post this:

This was a huge, wonderful surprise. My book The Ships of Air was in the case highlighting Texas SF/F writers, with the first page of the manuscript.

Seeing one of your books published for the first time and holding it in your hands is a big emotional thing. But I didn't realize seeing one of your books in a case in a museum exhibit would be a big deal too, or that it would ever happen at all. !!!!!

That is excellent, yay!

Thanks! I was totally floored by it.

That is so incredibly cool. :D

Thanks! It was very cool. :)

Awwwww, that made me smile. YAY! And the whole exhibit sounds great, too.

Thanks! I wish you could see it.

WOW! That is so awesome!!

Thanks! It really made the weekend. :)

How exciting! Congratulations!

That is very cool! I hope I can get to College Station to see the exhibit.

They said the exhibit would be up for about six months. It's open on Saturdays until 1:00, but not this weekend or next, since the campus is on Spring Break.

oh, that is awesome. Congratulations!

*sneakily ducks in to feed your muses, too*

That is so totally cool!!!!!

That is too cool for words!

Thanks! It was pretty neat. :)

Wow, that is kinda cool.

And I like they picked that one.


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