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Congrats to stina_leicht, who just sold her first novel to Night Shade!

Last week, I watched a documentary called Eleven Minutes, about Jay McCarroll, the first winner of Project Runway, putting on his first fashion collection. The title comes from working for seven months to do something that basically lasts eleven minutes. It's funny and a little sad, and a good example of working in a creative field that is also an extremely brutal and cutthroat business. He had to refuse the $100,000 prize money and mentorship that he got for winning the show, since it came with a clause that the production company would own 10% of all his future professional activities (the show has since dropped that clause), so he was basically on his own, except for the help of a few friends.

But one of the things he talked about was the inspiration for the collection, which was Archigram, a 1960s British magazine about surreal architecture, some of which is more than tinged with steampunk. Like this:

Here's a google image search on more Archigram illustrations.

This week, Sherlock Holmes is out on DVD!

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Wow, I love that image, and also this:

I watched that season of PR, and had no idea that Jay had to refuse the prize money so he could do his won thing. That documentary sounds really interesting.

It was fascinating. His wikipedia article talks about him having to refuse the prize money, with links to the interviews. I'm really glad the production company dropped that clause, though it wasn't in time for Jay. His first collection was sponsored by the Human Society, which was about the only place working with him which didn't screw him over at some point.

This is all news to me also. What a ridiculous clause! So glad they dropped it, but they should have done the right thing by Jay and given him the money retroactively once they dropped the clause. That's like going to Clarion West and having them say they get 10% of all my future writing income!

Yes, it's completely crazy, and would have hamstrung the show's ability to get really talented people. Can you imagine Top Chef asking for 10% of the winner's future income? It's nuts.

Reminds me of the movie, "Steamboy".

WOW, those illustrations are fantastic!

Oooh, thanks for the tip r.e. Sherlock Holmes! I've been looking forward to picking that up and rewatching.

Yep, we're saving SH until Friday, though I don't know if I can wait that long.

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