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We saw the new Karate Kid movie last night, and really enjoyed it. It's set in China, with some incredible scenery, and has Jackie Chan playing Mr. Han (the Mr. Miyagi role in the original). Will Smith's son plays the main character, and does a great job. Though seeing an actual 12-year-old get slammed into concrete in the opening fight scenes with the bullies was a little hard to watch -- I'm so used to seeing older people play kids.

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I'm really glad they changed the name of the Mr Miyagi character in the new Karate Kid, rather that trying to continue as if it was the same person. I don't think anyone else could play him.

I'm trying to imagine Jackie Chan playing a more serious character...and I'm failing dismally.

He did a great job. The original Mr. Miyagi was from Okinawa, in Japan, so they changed the name to match with Chan being Chinese. But yeah, he's clearly playing a different person, with a different backstory.

I'd struck it off my list because I'm getting sick of remakes, but I might put it on my 'to rent' list for when it comes out as a rental now some of the worst of my fears for it have been dispelled. (I don't go to the cinema unless I'm absolutely desperate not to be spoiled for a film, mainly because it is a lot of hassle arguing that actually, I want to sit in the seat I paid for, not stay in my wheelchair.)

That's one of the neat things about the new design of theater we've got here in town -- there's a row in the middle with blocks of seats that have wheelchair-sized spaces between them, so someone can use them to either sit in their wheelchair next to the people they came with, or move from the wheelchair to a seat and have the wheelchair right next to them where it's not in the way but they can get to it easily.

That is awesome. We need a cinema like that near here.

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It was very cool. I really liked the story, with the kid and the mother leaving Detroit and having to move to China, so she can keep her job at a car factory. So the culture shock and trying to fit in with the other kids is a much bigger issue.

I really enjoyed the movie mostly because I got to see more of China and I was very impressed that Jaden Smith did all his own stunts, and could do the splits! The fight at the beginning was hard to watch for me too it all felt very real.

It was a great film. I loved the original (though I like Karate Kid II best because of the setting in okinawa). I had trepidations about this one, but loved it. They make good use of some beautiful scenery in China in a few sequences. Unlike Pat Morita, who had to be heavily doubled in the fight scenes by the fight choreographer (who played the referee in the tournament at the end) Chan could do his own stunts, and carried them off quite well. It also showed his growth as an actor. He was quite touching playing the quiet Han carrying a burden of grief and guilt from the past. It's one I'll buy on DVD when it comes out.

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