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Spent most of the holiday weekend catching up on laundry. (I dry it outside, so when we have a few rainy days in a row it tends to pile up.) And we did a lot of eating. I made my mother's recipe for chocolate mayonnaise cake, and it was yummy as usual. On Sunday we went to a barbeque at a cafe that serves food made from mostly local products, where all the meat was from a local ranch that has all pasture-raised cattle. I had the best chopped beef sandwich ever, on focaccia bread.

Unfortunately, I think I've got another sick cat. I don't know if Bella caught Harry's upper respiratory infection, or it's something else, but it looks like the vet again for us today.


For eBook readers: Expanding Universe Contest: In celebration of the publication of Mouse and Dragon, the thirteenth novel set in their Liaden Universe®, authors Sharon Lee and Steve Miller are holding an Expanding Universe Contest! Yes! No less than thirty-six electronic copies of The Dragon Variation will be given away.

Black Coat Press is releasing The Song of Montsegur by Sylvie Miller & Philippe Ward, adapted by Brian Stableford

A team of spelunkers is found dead in mysterious circumstances in the shadow of the once-proud Cathar redoubt of Montsegur, in Southern France. What mysterious treasure were they seeking--and did they find it? ...

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The spelunkers were of course killed by members of the Priory of Sion, intent on keeping their secrets about lost bloodline of Jesus and the Templar Treasure they had whisked off to Roselyn chapel in Scotland ;)

Well, their book was published two years before the DaVinci Code...

You see, that proves it's the Priory. Only they could be that sneaky to change the publishing date to make it look like it was published first ;) And besides, it all really goes back to Holy Blood Holy Grail published in the early 80's.

The barbeque sounds wonderful! Here's hoping the illness is a quickly gotten over case of the sniffles.

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