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Well, no tropical storm, no rain of any kind. And it's really hot and dry here. We did go see the Sorcerer's Apprentice Saturday and enjoyed it a bunch. Very funny, very inventive magic, great sorcery battles.

Got new author photos taken yesterday, yay! We'll see how they all turn out and then pick which one to use.

Ecstatic Days: The PC Challenges of Being an Editor by Maurice Broaddus. Not too long ago there was a bit of a dust up regarding the anti-racist, anti-fascist anthology Never Again, put together by a couple of U.K. editors. ... As with most internet dustups, I simply made some popcorn, watch the ever-so-polite drama unfold and then went about my business. However, in discussing why there were no people of color, one of the editors made this remark: “Would you have preferred us to target and include writers on the basis of their skin colour, not their writing?”

On janni's LJ, Cynthia Leitich Smith writes about Austin, Texas. It’s proudly weird. A foodie town, a fashion town, and has established its own dress code called—not surprisingly—“Austin casual.” It’s Molly Ivins’s and Ann Richard’s city. Willie Nelson’s and Lance Armstrong’s city.

Roger Ebert posted this link from Brick: The Lizard, the Catacombs, and the Clock: The Story of Paris’s Most Secret Underground Society by Sean Michaels. On August 23, 2004, they discovered a cinema sixty feet beneath Paris.
In time, the officers’ lights found the PA system. They found the stereo, with guard-dog yowls burned onto a CD. They found three thousand square feet of subterranean galleries, strung with lights, wired for phones, live with pirated electricity. The officers uncovered a bar, lounge, workshop, dining corner, and small screening area. The cinema’s seats had been carved into the stone itself, with room for twenty people to sit in the cool and chomp on popcorn.

If you read this, be sure you read the whole thing. There's a twist ending.

And Scott Edelman at Comic-Con: Danny Trejo Gave Me a Taco—And I Ate It! with a great photo. Danny Trejo is the star of Machete, for you Grindhouse: Planet Terror fans.

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The wife and I saw "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" as well this past weekend. Personally, I was quite impressed with how they were able to build a plausible plot line working from nothing but a cartoon mouse. Of course the whole clean-up sequence was a given, but they carried the whole thing off to the very end, including the teaser for a possible sequel after the credits. Very nicely done, appealing to both adults who remember the original Fantasia, as well as the current batch of kids.

we missed the after credits bit. What happened?

After the credits finish rolling, the scene opens on what appears to be a display cabinet inside an antique shop. Sitting atop the cabinet is Maxim Horvath's hat. A be-ringed hand reaches out, lifts the hat from the cabinet and, whooosh, the person's shadow whisks out of sight, stage right.

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Yeah, it's really intriguing.

I like the idea of the cataphiles, going down there to have dinner when it's too hot above ground.

MACHETE - an Austin movie, see how it's all connected in this post? My friend is the co-screenwriter on the movie. O'course, he's also Robert Rodriguez's cousin. We just had the local premiere, many famous folks in town for it...

Oh, neat! I love Robert Rodriguez' movies.

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