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I've had trouble sleeping lately, which tends to aggravate my anxiety issues, which, by a mental process which makes sense to me, sort of, has led to me re-painting the stairwell of our house this weekend. I'd actually been planning to do it for a while, since the floor has been changed since I first painted it years ago, other adjoining rooms have been painted, and the stairwell color doesn't brighten the space up the way it used to. I had the new color picked out, and decided to go ahead and run with it Sunday and get most of it done, then finish up later this week. Except I've picked a bad color. It's not bad, it's just...not the color/effect it looked like on the paint chip. It's subtle. Very subtle. So subtle as to be almost nonexistent. My attempt to fix it by adding another color for contrast like they tell you on HGTV did not actually work, because the second color was the wrong color too. So I'm going to end up repainting. It's frustrating, because this is the first time I picked a color where I wasn't happy with the final product.

And I forgot to buy cat food! So that was my weekend.


Rachelle Gardner: What to ask an agent: It's exciting to get The Call, but it also means you're going to want to find out as much as possible about the agent before agreeing to representation. In fact, when you get the call, you may want to ask for some time to think about it, then gather your questions and get back to them.


Book rec: I also read Shades of Milk and Honey by Mary Robinette Kowal and enjoyed it. It's a very low-key fantasy, set in a slightly alternate Jane Austen-ish England, where manipulating illusions called glamour is a skill that young women learn, like embroidery or decorating bonnets or playing the piano forte.

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I think those paint chips are ridiculously misleading. We once picked a color that looked right in the store to paint our house. Whe we got it on the side of the house it suddenly turned dayglo orange on us. :)

Yeah, it can be really tricky. The lights in the store make the colors look different, but even when you take the samples home it's hard to tell.

It's part the "little" vs. "big" amounts.

Sleep definitely affects my anxiety levels.

Yes, I don't think most people realize what a big impact lack of sleep can have. There's a form of sleep apnea caused by snoring/difficulty breathing while asleep that actually causes ADHD symptoms in kids. And the medication for ADHD doesn't help the problem because they don't actually have it, they have sleep apnea.

You're obviously better at the paint thing than I am--I've never hit the right color the first time out of the box.

I noticed your profile picture--are you a Leverage fan, too? My roommate and I are devoted watchers.

Yes, I really like Leverage. I first started watching it because I've been a big Timothy Hutton fan since Nero Wolfe, but I love all the characters.

Our house eats colour. What looks perfect in one room can die the death in another. Many walls have had 5 or 6 sample splotches up for years in an attempt to find a good one. Hope the wrong colour doesn't aggrevate your problems sleeping!

I like the sound of that book rec - have added to the to-read list.

Yeah, it seems to have a lot to do with the texture and finish of the surface you're painting, too. The paint I got looks completely different on the trim than it does on the walls.

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