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I haven't been doing much besides painting and writing. I changed the color to two darker ones in that same range, and it's working much better now. They're grays with a hint of green, and look different in sunlight, shadow, and electric light. I'd take a picture, but I'm not sure it would show up.

We actually got a light tropical rain yesterday, after days and days of upper 90s and a heat index above 100. Today it's cloudy so far, which feels like a huge relief.


This is a disturbing story: Camden preparing to close its libraries, destroy books. This makes me nervous and panicky. When I was growing up, I needed the Fort Worth Public library system slightly less than I needed oxygen. I still need our local library now, because bookstores, convention dealers' rooms, and online book retailers are not enough to support my reading habit without it, and it's been essential when we didn't have any money to spend on new books.

Anyway, I'll be giving my local library some money, because I appear to have lost my library card and I'm pretty sure they make you pay to replace it, since it was laminated and everything. I didn't realize it was gone until I tried to use it on Saturday, but they let me check the book out anyway. (Apparently you get one free strike.) It was loose in my purse, so I suspect it fell out at some point. I'll search the house and the car for it, but I'm not holding out much hope.

I'm going out of town this weekend, to disport myself in the big city. (This means we'll go shopping at places that give out free samples.)

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I just feel so blessed that our local library isn't totally dependent on State and local funding due to the generosity in the past of many of the wealthy families in the town who set up trust funds for its operation.

Yeah, I wish there were more a lot more private donors like that. One of the articles I read talked about how the library is often the only source of internet connections for people. I know the computer area of our library is always full, with kids doing homework and people job searching and using the printers for applications and resumes. Without it, they'd be screwed.

They ought to ship all those books here to Krum. Lord knows we could use them to expand our small-town library.

So you headed for the big city - which one? (I always thought Austin was big enough.)

I actually don't live in Austin, I live in a small to medium town about two hours outside Austin and an hour and a half outside Houston. Those are the big cities for us. :)

La Grange? No, no ... I know, Brenham, home of the best ice cream ever !!!

Nope, we're in College Station. :)

AH - okay. I know where that is. Passed through there any number of times driving between Panther City and Houston. Still - you're within spittin' distance of that great ice cream.

Are you from Krum, TX?

We used to have our cars fixed at a garage there back in the late 60's. I'm from Sanger.

Yeah - the wife and I have been here about 5 years or better now. We're over on the east side - in Eaglechase just past the Sonic and the Dollar General.

Ooh, free samples! Have fun...

One suspects political game-playing.

OTOH, what would you have them do? Eliminate the cozy jobs where the (well-connected) employee gets to sleep in the back room on the clock?

When I was growing up, the first thing I got in any place we moved to was my public library card. My first job was in the public library. I'm ashamed to say I've never gotten an Austin Public Library card. I work in the main library at UT and I just haven't ventured out. But I still remember how necessary my local public library is.

I find the idea of the Camden libraries closing particularly disturbing because Camden is a center of poverty and so many of the people who live there have so little else to look forward to. Without the libraries, many of them won't have any access to books or the internet.

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