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We got rain! After weeks of temperatures in the 100s and zero rain, this is kind of a big deal. Hoping for more today.

Just a couple of quick links:

Slate: Fact-Checking the FranzenfreudeIs the New York Times' book section really a boys' club? Their answer is pretty much "yes."

j_cheney posted a warning and link to Absolute Write: about Astra Publications and their sudden flurry of supposedly pro-rate web zines, some with names similar to other well-established pro-rate web zines.

Doctors Without Borders report on Pakistan: PAKISTAN: MSF Expands Emergency Response Into New Flood Zones

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Those similar names are a serious concern!

We got a touch of rain, but any is better than none, and we're cooler ;o)

Went and sat on my balcony last night to take in the rain, and was super happy to see it still raining this morning, here.

interesting how many of these articles about the gender bias are cropping up lately. i'm actually very glad to see it highlighted so much. here's hoping it'll boost awareness.

rain, rain, wonderful rain

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