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Yay for the Chilean Miners Rescue!


I've just started reading Cold Magic by Kate Elliot, and you all should be reading it too. It's fantasy, set in 1857, in an alternate world where the fall of Rome played out differently and a frozen Europe was settled by peoples from West Africa. The young female main character is very engaging, and the combination of steampunk, epic fantasy, and the different mix of cultures is ringing all my bells.


I'll be going to World Fantasy 36 in Columbus, Ohio, at the end of the month, and according to the preliminary schedule on the web site, I'm set for:

Saturday Noon: Panel B16: Sword & Sorcery. Scott Andrews, Martha Wells, Howard Jones, Patricia Bray. Sword & Sorcery. Clearly this "literary fossil," as Alexei Panshin once called it, is not yet extinct. But has it evolved? A discussion of the continuing appeal and the nature of the form.

World Fantasy programming generally only assigns each participant one programming item, though hopefully I'll also be at the general autograph session. And Black Gate is organizing an off-schedule reading for their authors, so hopefully I'll be around for that, too.

ETA to actually put when the panel would be held.

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Your link for Cold Magic is just taking me to a general B&N page, not to the book.

It's working fine for me.

Interesting, it also took me to just a general B/N page just now.

Still, it sounds like an interesting book, may have to seek it out.

Must attend the BG reading ;o)!

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