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Wow, I just got an email from Holland Taylor, from Two and a Half Men, because I wrote a review about her one-woman play Money, Marbles, and Chalk, about the life of Ann Richards. We saw the premiere in Galveston at the Opera House back in the spring. She said the play's name has been changed to "Ann," and she's going to do it in San Antonio on December 10-19. It's going to Austin in May, and eventually making its way to New York by winter 2012.

It's a fabulous play, and I definitely want to try to catch the Austin performance.


We saw Red last night and enjoyed it a lot. It was funny, fast-paced, and Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirrim and John Malkovich were excellent in it, and the romance with Bruce Willis' and Mary Louise Parker's characters was great.

And there was a trailer for this: The Warrior's Way, a ninja steampunk western starring Dong-gun Jang, Kate Bosworth, and Geoffrey Rush. I'm ready to camp out at the theater until they show it.

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I'll camp out with you for The Warrior's Way. And very cool about the email!

Yeah, Warrior's Way just looks all kinds of awesome!

And I'm definitely going to see the play again when it comes to Austin.

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That Ann Richards play sounds amazing. I loved it when you could be sitting behind a couple of old ladies in Dobie Theater and one of them would be your kickass governor.

True story.

Cool about the play ;o)

WE're hoping to see Red, if we could just find the time!

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