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I got the intertubes back yesterday afternoon. It turned out to be the wire connecting the house to the main phone line, so the technician came at 10:00, disappeared into the back yard, disappeared altogether for a while, reappeared with a larger truck, then a second truck and more ladders appeared, which was when I realized it was not a small problem. But finally they fixed it and no trees or technicians were harmed in the process.

I'm working on the proofs for The Cloud Roads, and it's really awesome to see it looking like an actual real book after all this time. It's been a long trip to get here. I started writing it in 2007, finished it in March of 2008, and it made the rounds of publishers for two years.

(Oh, for French and German fans, I added those preorder links to the post with the first chapter teaser.)

I haven't done writing questions for a while, but if someone wants to ask me anything about The Cloud Roads, go for it. (I won't spoil the plot.)


If you are having a stressful morning, I suggest you go to kristine_smith's LJ and find the secret kitten.

j_cheney has a new story up at Beneath Ceaseless Skies Fleurs du Mal It's a verging-on-horror story set in 1920s Paris.

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I see status updates from a lot of writers, like "I wrote 7,800 words in three elapsed hours yesterday." and "I managed 1,700 words in one half hour session."

What is the word count for a writer to have a "good" day? Or does the writer even care (except when facing a critical deadline)?

It's very different for every writer, and everybody's writing process is different. My daily goal is 1000 words, and anything over that is a bonus. For other writers, 2000 words is the minimum and they might get far more than that done. It's a very individual thing.

Plus there are "Real Life" jobs to take into consideration, too, I guess. Most all writers I know have a daye jobbe they have to keep on top of as well.

Yes, definitely. A lot of people are having to scramble for writing time, and get up hours early or stay up late after their kids have gone to bed.

Oh yeah - kiddos ... I forgot about them.

Day jobs can help. If you don't have a day job, it's easy to think you have plenty of time to write -- until you don't have it.

I have a strange question. I was telling Don I wanted to read The Cloud Rosds to him and he asked if it was fantasy or science fiction. I found myself a bit stymied. How do you classify the book, or do you?

It's definitely fantasy. You don't see a lot of people using actual spells (in this book, there's more in The Serpent Sea) but the characters are magical beings. It probably has a bit of an SF feel to it, because of all the different species and environments they encounter.

That was the way I was leaning, but it feels like it could fit into the other category as well. I kind of like that. :)

Is there a "writer's workshop" type thing in Texas?

There's quite a few. Some are invitation only, and some are associated with various writers' organizations, but ArmadilloCon has a one-day workshop held on Friday of the convention, and so does ApolloCon.

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Faulty internetz are annoying! (And thanks for the plug ;o)

Happiness is knowing I will finally get to read the new books!
I'm already clearing space on my reading shelf and schedule for the new book. Congrats!

Thanks very much! :)

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