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Right now I'm wrestling with rewriting five chapters of the third Cloud Roads book. It's going okay and I'm mostly happy with it, but I have one scene that needs to be inserted that is resisting the whole writing process. When I'm just thinking about it and its place in the story, it makes perfect sense. When I go to write it, I'm stuck like crazy. I think it's one of those scenes where I need to know something I don't know yet to make it work. I think today I'll let it sit and move on to new material, and see if that helps.

Right now I'm reading The Devil You Say by Elisa DeCarlo, which came out in 1993. I think it was a bit before its time (not unlike all my books). It's basically Wooster and Jeeves, if Wooster could do magic and investigated magical problems for people, and Jeeves was a psychic.

Cat Rambo: Five Fantasy Books You've Never Heard of

Link from Facebook: A Tale of Girl Genuis
In the 1920s, Barbara Follett was a child celebrity, a prodigy who'd written a bestseller by 12. So what happened to her? She disappeared, and no one noticed for more than twelve years. That's very depressing.

ETA: Victoria Strauss posted this on Twitter: Real World Writing Camp Discourages Aspiring Writers It's funny because it's all horribly true.

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Jeeves wasn't a psychic?

Considering what he had to deal with, it was probably easier on him that he wasn't.

Hey, have you read/heard about The Cardinal's Blades by Pierre Pevel? I'm reserving judgment for now (it's obviously the first book in a series, and I think my dissatisfied feeling might go away as characters develop and plots are resolved), but parts of it reminded me pleasantly of The Element of Fire.

I've heard of it but haven't read it yet. It sounded interesting!

I'd read about it (I think Aliette de Bodard wrote something on it for the World SF blog? Or about reading it in translation vs in French), and I thought it sounded pretty interesting. Is it worth tracking down?

If you like the idea of a The Three Musketeers pastiche with some supernatural elements, I'd say it's definitely worth reading. I'm hoping for a little more in the sequel, though.

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