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Still. Sick. I don't know how I look, but I sound horrible.

Hoping to get the work started on the house this week. I'm afraid the toilet is trying to leave the upstairs bathroom for the warmth and comfort of the kitchen directly below, and I really don't want this to happen.

Of Blood and Honey Giveaway There's a giveaway contest on The Night Bazaar this week to win a free copy of Stina Leicht's new fantasy novel Of Blood and Honey

If you're a Texas resident, please take this Texas Library Association Survey It will help libraries fight for their budgets.

Link from Kameron Hurley: The Chosen Jerk Sam Sykes and N.K. Jemisin talk about the trope of the "chosen one" and what it means. I hadn't thought this out before, but it explains a lot about why I've never particularly gravitated to stories that are heavily "chosen one" oriented.

Dark Roasted Blend: The Last Victorian Leviathan Steam Ship

Cynsations: Guest Post: Renée Watson on Writing About Serious Topics in Children’s Books This is the activity I do when I start off my author visits for A Place Where Hurricanes Happen, illustrated by Shadra Strickland (Random House, 2010). Before I share the book, I give an opportunity for students to see how they have something in common with the characters, even if they haven’t personally experienced a natural disaster.

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Hope you feel better SOON!

Thanks! I think I'm a lot better today. :)

Isn't it terrible, when the toilet wants to relocate to what it considers "prime" property? I hope you feel better soon.

Thanks! I think I'm finally getting over this cold.

Son't jinx it! XD I'm still getting over mine: the weather has not exactly been conducive towards it.

I hope you start to feel better soon!

Thanks! Today I feel much better, which is lucky considering the weather.

(Deleted comment)
Hope you feel better soon!

Thanks! I feel much better today.

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