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Free Book Drawing -- Now Closed as of 2/2/11

Okay, this is the great book drawing post foretold in legend, or the one I mentioned last week.

This will be a drawing for a free copy of my new fantasy novel The Cloud Roads. (See a description, cover art, reviews, and sample chapters at that link). Note that these are trade paperbacks, and that the winners can ask to have their book signed and personalized.

* Comment on this post with some indication that you want to enter the drawing. You have until tomorrow at about mid-morning or so CST to enter. At that point I'll call a halt and randomly draw at least three winners. The winners will have to provide me with a mailing address and let me know if they want the book just signed, or personalized with their name (or someone else's name if it's a gift).

* I will pay for the shipping, and yes, entries with international shipping addresses are fine.

* Only one entry per person, please. You can enter either on Live Journal or on Dreamwidth, but not both.

If for some reason there are tons of entries, I may add a couple more copies. If you don't want to enter but you know someone who might, please let them know about it.

ETA: 61 entries so far on LJ and DW, so I'll go ahead and make it five copies.

ETA 2/2/11: Contest is now closed. I'll post the winners and notify them today.


That's a big storm we're having now. We won't have much if any snow down here, but we may have ice. I woke up last night to wind that sounded like hurricane Ike all over again, but it didn't go on nearly as long.

I'm interested in the drawing - loved your other books!

I want to enter, too!

I am so enthused about entering this contest that I'm considering hyperventilating. ;) (I won't actually do it ... but it's the thought that counts toward one's weirdo quotient!) So definitely count me in. :D

As a fan of your work starting with Element of Fire, definitely want in on the contest.

Yes, please, I want to enter the drawing!

I would like to enter the draw please.

I love your books. I'd love to enter the drawing.

You're a winner! And you also got picked in the drawing for the free copy of The Cloud Roads!

You need to email me (msw atthingy charisat dotthingy com) and let me know your shipping address, and if you want the book personalized to you, to someone else if it's to be a gift, or just my signature.


I'd like to enter, please!

I would like to enter the drawing please :D

A chance to get one of your books for free? I'm in!

Love a chance to get any of your books. I'm in.

I'm interested in the drawing for the new book!!!

Good Morning! I'd like to be entered into the drawing, please and thank you! :)

I'd love to enter the draw, thank you!

Oo, awesome. Count me in on the drawing!

I am entering the drawing!

We're forecasted to get 11 - 20 inches of snow. O_O

Whoa! Snow job. Good luck with it!

Ooo, I would like to enter the drawing! Thanks!

I'm interested in the drawing - I really loved all your books I've read so far. :)

I would love an autographed copy! :)

(Deleted comment)
I'd like to enter.

We're supposed to be getting freezing rain (it'a currently 35 degrees right now), which will turn to snow later and accumulate 1-3 inches. Considering it's an icy rain, followed by the looks like I'll be stuck inside even more days. I did manage to get out yesterday, for a couple of things (not many), and the freezer is stocked so, unless the power goes out (I know, careful what I don't wish for, right?), I should be okay for a bit. How are you holding out?

The wind is pretty bad right now, and we have an 80% chance of ice pellets later. If that happens hopefully they'll let people leave work early.

Me! Me! I want to read it, and my husband, and our daughter, and probably the other daughter, too!

Oo oo sign me up for the drawing, I've probably read the teaser chapters fifteen times. <3 I can't WAIT for this book!

Good luck with the storm-- everyone around me (western NY state) is freaking out but um, we get a foot of snow all the time, I don't know what the big deal is. We'll see-- I'm steering clear of the grocery store to avoid the panicked shoppers!
Hope that wind dies down though. Wind is scary.


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