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Free Book Drawing -- Winners

Okay, we have the winners of the drawing for an autographed copy of The Cloud Roads!

There was a total of 85 entries -- 70 from Live Journal, 14 from Dreamwidth, and 1 from the mirror of my journal on GoodReads. I drew six winners, because it turns out that when you're drawing names to give people something free, it's fun and you have this urge to keep going.

I know there's a way to do this online with a randomizer program whatever, but this is the scientific method used to do it:

And the six winners are:

grammarwoman (from Dreamwidth)

I'll also notify them as replies to their comments in case they don't see this post.


In other news, I've been asked to be the Guest of Honor at ApolloCon 8 in Houston, TX, on June 24-26. So I'm very happy about that. It's only the second time I've been guest of honor at a convention.

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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! I think it'll be a lot of fun.

Congratulations from me too!

Oh, and your scientific randomizer method holder is very cool, I love that old crockery! =D

Congrats on your Guest of Honor status! That's exciting!

And thank you for the book!

Congratulations to the winners! And congratulations to you, too!

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