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I had to go have blood taken this morning, so I'm not feeling particularly well. I did get someone who was really good and found the vein on the first try, so that was a relief. I can apparently will my veins to withdraw into my body whenever anybody wants to draw blood, so sometimes they have to use the tiny little needle and take it out of my hand. That hurts a lot.

I'm reading N.K. Jemisin's The Broken Kingdoms and really enjoying it. It's set in a very cool city with godlings living alongside the mortal inhabitants. The main character is a woman who is a blind artist who can only see magic, getting involved in a situation where someone is murdering the godlings.

nisi_la has the info for applying to Clarion West

Washington Post: What it costs for a best-selling e-book: $12.99 Contrary to popular belief, the costs of creating an e-book and a hardcover edition are similar. About 10 percent of hardcover costs go to printing, binding and shipping. Publishers set a retail price for an e-book, and selling agents such as and Apple receive a flat percentage of that retail price. These estimates are based on sales of 75,000. Expenses for a book include one-time costs such as editing and marketing. Many e-books lose money for publishers; e-books that sell millions of copies offset losses from less popular books.

Rachelle Gardner explains the differences between Sell-in, Sell-Through, Earn-Out (and Returns)

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Yes, it hurts so much from the hand! Though having them dig around for it in your arm is kind of unpleasant, too. Mine are hard cause the skin is thickened.

Ouch! Mine are just small and elusive. It's really nice having someone do it who's really good at it.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, some day we'll have those diagnostic scanners!

So were you being bled for bad humours, testing or donation?

Just testing, for my prescription for chorlesterol medication. Or however that's spelled.

I always have trouble when they need to take blood. One time, I left with two purple and swollen elbows, and I sat in my car and cried. It took two nurses two tries each to find a vein when I needed an IV for a CT scan. I'm glad you had an easy one today!

Ouch! Yeah, I've had times when I had so many bruises I looked like an incompetent heroin addict.

I feel you re: stealth veins! It doesn't help that I have needle twitchiness, so I usually request butterfly needles to make it psychologically easier.

And isn't Broken Kingdoms awesome? \o/ I really love the deft way she turns so many fantasy tropes on their heads.

Yeah, the butterfly thing does look a lot less scary than the big needle.

Yes, it's really good so far!

*hugs* on the small veins. I, too, have tiny veins and if nurses don't get it on the first or second try, I pass out and end up having a mini-seizure that leaves me sick for 24 hours (I'm not exaggerating; my body is so inconveniently weird). I always warn the nurses beforehand, so they have me lie down. Then they all tell me to drink lots of water the day before and make sure I'm warm when they stick me. Apparently, those things are supposed to help normal people, but my stupidly small veins are inherited and all those tricks don't work. Boo. I've started using lidocaine cream if I *know* a doc is going to need blood.

Ouch, that's not good! I've only fainted once when they were doing it, and snapped out of it pretty quickly, so I've been lucky.

Ugh, having blood drawn. :( I'm glad it went the easy way, at least.

That's really interesting about e-books. I would never have thought the costs were so similar.

Thanks! Yeah, you never know how it's going to go, basically.

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