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John Green Tree

Back From ConDFW

We had a great time at ConDFW. Both panels I was on went really well.

In the panel on writing workshops, Tim Powers talked about how he sometimes thinks it would be more helpful if the person whose story is being critiqued was not present, that the focus could be on critiquers learning how to critique, seeing mistakes they make in their own writing, and so on. I think that's an important part of workshops, but I also think it helps people to learn how to take criticism (which they're going to get a lot of if they intend to try to be professional writers) and how to be more objective about their work, and to have a thicker skin and a less tender ego. It's always very frustrating to me when someone in a workshop who has one of the best stories freaks out at minor criticism.

The steampunk panel discussed it as both an art movement and a literature, talked about how aspects of it can appear in just about any genre, gave a lot of examples of recent steampunk-ish works (I recommended Kate Elliot's Cold Magic) and ended with the point that it doesn't have to be euro-centric. I think making it only euro-centric is a failure of imagination. And we talked about what airships invented by ancient Egyptians would look like. (Airships invented in ancient China or India would also be pretty darn cool. Airships invented in pretty much any ancient civilization would be pretty darn cool.) Mark Finn told us about Zeppelin Stories, June 1926, featuring a story called "The Gorilla of the Gasbags" which is almost too awesomely strange to believe actually existed, but you know, there it is.

All the copies of The Cloud Roads in the dealers room sold out, which made me very happy. Troyce also bought me a present from the art show, a really neat leather bracelet with metal wings, made by Beverly Hale. We went out for a couple of very good dinners, including one to Benihana, where our friend Paul had the largest beer in all the land.

And I bought this very cool Stargate: Atlantis t-shirt! My parents went to (Atlantis gate address) and all I got was this lousy t-shirt. They had a couple of other Stargate designs too, but that was the one I liked best.

And Patrice Sarath took a picture of me at my reading.

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Picked up a copy of your latest novel at Barnes & Noble. Sadly they didn't have it as an e-book. Now to find time to read it...

Glad the convention went well. :) Though I can understand people freaking over the minor things - it almost feels like nitpicking or trying to find something wrong. When something significant is wrong it makes sense and feels justified.

Rob H.

Thanks, glad you found it there! The ebook versions will be out later, in March, closer to the book's official release date.

Yeah, that the dealer's room sold out of your book. Now everyone must reorder promptly. :)

I love the t-shirt!


Yep, it's a great shirt. They had a bunch of good ones.

I'm pleased that you sold out ;o)

Love the t-shirt, BTW

I think the best way for crits is to do them in writing so the writer can crawl under the table to hide in peace.

I recently ordered SteamPowered: Lesbian Steampunk Stories and in addition to the stated theme, it also starts out with a few stories deliberately set outside of Europe or which directly address colonialism from the perspective of the colonized in a Steampunk setting, so I was very pleased with that.

Yay for selling out (and yay me for picking up a copy early). Looking forward to reading it!

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