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The oven is fixed! And there was much rejoicing. We called the local appliance place (because the last time we tried to get Sears to repair anything it was an extended technicolor nightmare) and they originally scheduled for today, then were able to fit us in late yesterday. It was a bad igniter and cost much less than a new range, so that was a relief.

The guy took the door off, turned the oven on, and climbed inside it. It freaked me out a little.

Now I have to take a small angry cat to the vet for a check-up after the dental surgery/distended fang removal she had last week. Wish me luck.

Books I'm reading/want to read:

I've been reading: The Desert of Souls by Howard Andrew Jones, Arabian Nights style fantasy, set in 8th century Baghdad but with magical mysteries. Excellent book.

Want to Read: The Winds of Khalakovo by Bradley P. Beaulieu. It had me at the flying boats on the cover.

Art site: Rekonesans. Found this gorgeous piece linked at SF Signal.

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Congratulations on the oven!

And good luck with the kitty.

Thanks! The vet appt. was quick and easy but the cat is still angry. :)

JOOC, what repair company did you call? My washing machine is currently sitting in pieces and I'm trying to decide if I should get it fixed, get new parts (or new to me parts, anyway), or try and sell it for parts... I am considering calling a repair place for quites/opinions, but I'm not sure who is worth dealing with locally :p

We used Buddy's Appliances, in Bryan. This is the second time we've used them and had a good experience -- first time was when we bought a vent hood from them and they installed it.

Yeah for cheap repair! That's so much better than it could have been.

Good luck with Bella.

Yes, it was a big relief!

Thanks! I got her back and she's fine, just mad at me. :)

Yay! I'm glad the oven was an easy fix. Hopefully the cat will fall into that category, too (well, easy visit, at least.)

Thanks! It was a big relief to get it taken care of so fast.

The cat's doing fine, now that she's home, and even seems to have stopped hating me. :)

Wait until nightfall....

The Book Smugglers reviewed The Cloud Roads

Did you see already? Both Thea and Ana liked it ^^.

Re: The Book Smugglers reviewed The Cloud Roads

Oh no, I hadn't heard that yet! Thank you for letting me know! (Though FYI, if you see a bad review, I totally don't need to know about those. :) I tend to avoid reviews except for PW and Booklist and people I know personally, because everybody's entitled to their opinion, it's no big deal if someone doesn't care for the book, etc, and I don't want to squash discussion by being there. And it's very frustrating when the book's been published and I can't fix things that are wrong. But anyway, this is a great review and thank you for pointing it out to me.)

Re: The Book Smugglers reviewed The Cloud Roads

I totally understand about not wanting to read bad reviews. I'd never link an author to those. Authors that google their names run across those easily enough, heh.

That's why I pointed out they liked it before I linked to it ^^.

Re: The Book Smugglers reviewed The Cloud Roads

Yep, that's why I don't search on my name. I figure if it's really important, somebody will tell me, otherwise I don't care. :)

Re: The Book Smugglers reviewed The Cloud Roads

Ha, I was just coming here to link that as well!

Re: The Book Smugglers reviewed The Cloud Roads

Thanks! That was a very happy-making review. :)

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