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Okay, my email and web site are back up now.

One of the nice things the contractor did while up on the roof was to clean out our gutters, which are normally choked with pine needles. This must have surprised the squirrels, because one just fell all the way down the drain pipe from the second story. (It sounded like the roof was coming off.) It's at the bottom now (with tail hanging out) but apparently thinks it has to climb up instead of just climbing out the hole at the bottom. Hopefully it will figure it out soon. ETA: Okay, the squirrel got out. :relieved I don't have to arrange a squirrel rescue:

ETA: My Big Idea essay for The Cloud Roads is now posted on John Scalzi's Whatever blog.

Lots of links:

Ian Tregillis explains why his next book keeps getting rescheduled: MILKWEED UPDATE (or, What the Hell is Going on With The Coldest War?) A list of the large amount of aid and donations Japan sent us after Hurricane Katrina from the government, from corporations, and from private individuals.

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...the squirrel from ice age has moved into your neighborhood.

LOL! Yes, exactly! (He finally got out, btw. The other squirrel sitting up on a branch screaming at him must have helped.)

What a lovely surprise to see your byline in Scalzi's Big Idea blog post! Yay you! I very much enjoyed it. Congrats Miz Wells!

Hey, it's great to hear from you! And thanks very much!

(Deleted comment)
Yes, I bet there was a big thick pad of pine needles right over the opening that they were used to landing on.

(Deleted comment)
Absolutely had to comment on your squirrel drop zone story.

(you have to understand that I fought a continuing battle with the squirrel hoards when I was living back in Fayetteville and the chewing bastards did over $1K worth of damage to my car)

So I have the very best schadenfruede (bordering on psychopathy) whenever I hear of squirrel comeuppance. =D

And wow! Japan was seriously NOLA's friend. I hope the US can do as well!

Also, very cool to see your over at Scalzi =D

Thanks! I was really glad to be able to participate in the Big Idea series.

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