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Yesterday there was rain all around us, but not on us. Augh. The car is in getting it's check-up and inspection, so I'm trapped at home all day and will hopefully get a lot of writing done.

A link from SF Signal: Stunning Matte Paintings of Cities

Linda Nagata is now at Book View Cafe with her SF novel The Bohr Maker: Nikko is the first true “post human”—a man genetically engineered to survive in the airless void of space—but the research permit that allows his existence is about to expire. His body has already begun an insidious, pre-programmed failure that will end in his death. Nikko’s only hope for survival rides on an illegal and extremely powerful nanotech device known as the Bohr Maker, that will allow him to rewrite his genetic code and extend his life.

Kay Kenyon: I Might As Well Quit and Other Demented Notions Writers often harbor seemingly reasonable beliefs that are actually rather deranged. We see conspiracies, cling to unrealistic expectations, succumb to pointless envy and other maladies. Here are some checks to patently unhelpful thinking. Remember, you do not have to believe everything your brain tells you!

SF Signal: [GUEST POST] Alex Bledsoe on The (Re)claiming of Lois Lane

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So Bohr Maker is an e-book only, right?

I don't know -- you might ask over at Book View cafe.

Ha! I liked the demented notions post. Shared around!

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