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Saw Harry Potter; loved Harry Potter.

New post by me on The Night Bazaar: Don't Be That Guy, about arguing with reviews.

Some people get addicted very quickly to internet attention and sympathy, and are prepared to kill and eat just about anybody to get that attention and sympathy. Don’t be one of those people. And don’t play into the hands of one of those people by responding to their effort to kill and eat you.

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I have to agree with that. It applies to critiques, too. I remember one critique I gave (and I asked a disinterested party, who assured me I'd done nothing wrong with my review; otherwise, it may have put me off writer's workshops for good), where the person whom I did the critique for took it in, to put it delicately, a very ungraceful way. Not that I was looking for sympathy, but that person, well... At least I've been lucky, since then. And for people reviewing my work, the most sage advice was not to tell me what's right with the work, or offer empty praise otherwise, but to tell me what's wrong with it.

Of course, there are an awful lot of people who will "kill and eat" you, without telling you what they perceive as wrong with your story.

I guess it all boils down to H-O-H. Honest-Objective-Helpful.

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