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I've been pushing to get the third Cloud Roads book done. I didn't make a huge amount of forward progress yesterday but did figure out what was wrong with the section I'm working on and hopefully will get past that today. I mentioned on Facebook, I keep wanting to post snippets and lines, but they're horrible spoilers for the people who would want to read it.

Going to make green curry chicken tonight, nom nom nom.


Malinda Lo: I have numbers! Stats on LGBT Young Adult Books Published in the U.S. To get my data, I used this bibliography of LGBT YA compiled by librarian/researcher Christine Jenkins, which lists books published in English from 1969-2009. I supplemented that bibliography with information for 2009-2011 kindly given to me by researcher Michael Cart, who specializes in LGBT children’s and YA books. Mr. Cart’s data for 2011 was incomplete because the year isn’t finished yet, but because I’ve been keeping track of LGBT YA novels for Diversity in YA, I topped off the list with a number of books I know have been published or will be published this year.

Stories From the Heartland: Some real Shock and Awe: Racially profiled and cuffed in Detroit Silly me. I thought flying on 9/11 would be easy. I figured most people would choose not to fly that day so lines would be short, planes would be lightly filled and though security might be ratcheted up, we’d all feel safer knowing we had come a long way since that dreadful Tuesday morning 10 years ago.

But then armed officers stormed my plane, threw me in handcuffs and locked me up.

Fire Update:

Bastrop County Complex Fire Burn Scar: Natural Hazards Some fires are still going, and new ones keep popping up, but there's been a little rain in the state, which is good. None down here yet.

The Austin Humane Society (site has sound) needs donations to take care of the large number of rescued injured animals. If you look on their facebook wall, you can find lists of the items they need, photos of animals injured in the fires, and rescued animals that have reunited with their owners.


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