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New Story Posted

Posted a new story to my web site: The Almost Last Voyage of the Wind-ship Escarpment. It's set in the same world as The Cloud Roads books.

Jai had thought this job was a good idea for a number of reasons, but watching Flaren's face as they waited to meet with Canon Hain, she was no longer so sure. Flaren was grimly trying to contain any emotion, but his desperation was leaking out of him like he was a sieve.

Jai scratched her lip beneath the curve of her tusk, and said, as if to herself, "We could jump over the side, swim for it, until Kiev could pick us up." Foreigners and exiles were only permitted to set foot on the floating city of Issila at the trading platforms, so that was where they waited, the fresh salt-tempered wind pulling at their hair and clothes, the sun warm and bright.


Not much else to report. No new rain here, no new fire that I know of. The library and the bookstore hath forsaken me on all the books I'm looking for, but I'll try again sometime this week.

I've been trying to do three bar aerobics classes a week, and mostly succeeding (except for WorldCon-ArmadiloCon week). We have our toughest instructor back for one class, and I am very sore. You can always tell when the instructors have been to an out-of-town seminar or convention; they come back with lots of new ideas for terrible things we should do to our muscles.


Malindo Lo: What does "authentic" mean, anyway?
Some of this is entwined with the wider discussion over the #YesGayYA situation, which prompted me to write last week’s post on the statistics about the state of LGBT YA publishing. Some of this is entwined with discussions I had earlier this year during the Diversity in YA tour, when we were routinely asked questions like, "How do you write about diversity authentically?"

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Your story has been tweeted. :-)

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