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The Cloud Roads

The ARC of The Serpent Sea

This is the ARC (advance reading copy) of The Serpent Sea. The actual book won't be out for another month, and the ebook versions should be out around January 1.

Bella and the ARC of The Serpent Sea

The ARC of The Serpent Sea, Tasha, and the Great Rat of Sumatra

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It's gorgeous and YAY!

Looks awesome! (Though Bella looks even more cranky than my fluffy black cat...)


She's actually not that cranky, she just always looks that way in photos. :)

Ours too, actually, although we have him because someone thought he looked just as cynical as my husband.

The book and the cats are beautiful!

"Discerning cats prefer the works of Martha Wells"

Oh, that looks fabulous!

Hee hee hee, that looks wonderful. All books should come with cats for posing benefits!

Also, the Great Rat of Sumatra, <3.

I got it for her yesterday. When I gave it to her, she grabbed it by the ear and tried to drag it into her kitty bed.

Yay book! I love the cats' blasé expressions.

(Deleted comment)
LOL She has a bunch of stuffed toy mice, so I couldn't resist getting her the stuffed rat.

And thanks!

It's so pretty! I love how they wrapped the S around Jade's tail.

Beautiful! Do you know, I somehow thought it was already out--stopped at the store to buy it & was surprised to find it wasn't there. Anyway, I can hardly wait, and if my cats are very, very good, I'll let them have a look, too. :)

Thanks! I'm thinking it will probably start showing up in the last week of December or so.

::smashes face against screen and makes grabby hands at ARC::

Oh, want want want!!!!

(And Bella is the very illustration of baleful, there!)(While Tasha looks very regal--"You may gaze up upon my ARC.")

Tasha likes to pose for the camera. :)

That's just awesome. Can't wait for it to come out.

(BTW, releasing books through Baen in an open ePub format is terrific. I don't know if Night Shade does the extra-cost eARC thing, but my wife and I have done it for both of PC Hodgell's last two books, and it's completely worth it to get the books early, even if it's an extra few dollars.)


I don't know if they do that -- I'm glad they put it up on the Webscription library because that does mean more people can get it/afford it.

(Deleted comment)
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