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The Serpent Sea

Drawing for Free Copy of The Cloud Roads or The Serpent Sea

What this is:

This is a drawing for your choice of either a free signed trade paperback copy of The Cloud Roads or its sequel The Serpent Sea, which will be out in late December/January.

Note that The Cloud Roads as of this morning is still being offered as a free promo on Amazon Kindle US here. I don't know how long it will be free.

Rules, such as they are:

* Comment on this post with some indication that you want to enter the drawing. You have until Friday December 16 at about mid-morning or so CST to enter. At that point I'll call a halt and randomly draw at least three winners. The winners will have to provide me with a mailing address and let me know if they want the book just signed, or personalized with their name (or someone else's name if it's a gift).

* I will pay for the shipping, and yes, entries with international shipping addresses are fine.

* Only one entry per person, please. You can enter either on Live Journal or on Dreamwidth, but not both.

If for some reason there are tons of entries, I may add a couple more copies. If you don't want to enter but you know someone who might, please let them know about it.

I am definitely interested in this drawing :D

I want in the drawing! :)

(Deleted comment)
I want to enter. I loved The Cloud Roads.

I want to enter, please.

The Serpent Sea giveaway & making light in winter...

User jess_ka referenced to your post from The Serpent Sea giveaway & making light in winter... saying: [...] a doing a giveaway drawing for your choice of either The Cloud Roads or The Serpent Sea [...]

Count me in, please. I have a copy of The Serpent Sea preordered, but then I could give that one away.

Please count me in. Thanks! And I'm really looking forward to The Serpent Sea.

yes, please!

(although, I am an idiot and failed to enter your last drawing, which might have been more useful for filling up my bookshelves with things not already on order)

Yes, please do enter me!

Well, shoot, I'd like to enter this drawing as well. :-)

I would like to enter, too, please.

Oooooh! I'd love a copy of the serpent sea! Loved the first book. Love ALL your books!

Dropping my name in the hat!

Ooh, I am so excited for Serpent Sea! Please include me in the drawing. :D

I am not entering as I was winner last year but I have pre-ordered (via Santa) The Serpent Sea. :) But yay for book drawings!

include me, please!

i'd love to enter the drawing; thanks! can't wait to read the Serpent Sea!

I would like to enter this drawing. (For The Serpent Sea, particularly. Unless it becomes a free Kindle download, too, of course. Well, even then.)

Me too please! (Serpent Sea, by preference)

Ooo, me me! Axiously awaiting the Serpent Sea!

You are a winner! Please email me at msw atsign charisat dotsign com, and tell me 1) which book you want, The Cloud Roads or The Serpent Sea (sequel to The Cloud Roads, 2) if you want it personalized with your name (or someone else's name if it's a gift) or just signed 3) and the address I should ship it to. I'll try to get them in the mail by Monday.

(In an earlier post, I had typoed my email address, so if you got a bounce please resend.)

(Deleted comment)

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