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I'm working on the last chapter of the third Raksura book, trying to give it a good wrap-up without getting into "They went out to lunch and felt better" territory. That's what I call it when a book or a story goes past its actual end point, where the story is over and there's nothing left to tell, but you're still there, basically just hanging out with the characters. Trying to find a balance between closure for the reader and they went out to lunch and felt better can be tricky sometimes.

(This comes from Mystery Science Theater 3000, from their much-less-sad rewrite of The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald song, which ends with "They got back to port and everyone was okay, they went out to lunch and felt better.")

I won't get much done today, because we're about to go out and see Red Tails. This morning I went out early to the farmer's market, because the grass-fed beef ranch was there and they were having a 25% off sale. So there is now stir-fry and stew and chili and short ribs in the future.

There are a couple of big conventions this weekend and I am jealous of everyone who is at one.

And yay, there was a great review of The Serpent Sea on

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I enjoyed it a lot. It's filmed in a very 1940s style, except in color. Weirdly, this made the realism of a part at the beginning when they show you exactly what happens to the crew when a bomber is shot to pieces almost too much for me to take. There were a lot of high tension scenes that didn't do my TMJ any good, either. Parts of it are very gritty and parts cheesetastically awesome. The characters are very engaging and really made you want to look up the history and find out more about what happened.

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I haven't read it yet, though I keep meaning to.

Hah! Oh, that's a wonderful way of looking at that sort of ending!

I've often wondered "What's the point of this, really? Are we scraping around for something to finish off? Is this like an old TV serial, and some new catastrophe will be brought to light, just before we fade to commercial? What?!"

I actually like it when authors keep writing after the climax, to prove that the world doesn't just disappear once the excitement ends, and to show at least hints of what some of the consequences are. Several times I've been annoyed by authors that stopped writing right before an event (often a conversation) that I really wanted to see.

I just finished Kate Elliott's The Gathering Storm, where the last fifty pages are the climax for the whole series. What's surprising is that there's another two books (600 pages each) to read before this series actually ends.

Oh, how I miss Mystery Science Theater! I think your name for that sort of ending is perfect. : )

Hi Martha, I read the Cloud Roads when my mother in law gave it to us in a slew of books she had read. Really enjoyed it... re-read it at least three times cover to cover and kept going back and rereading my favorite parts. It stays on my nightstand for light "bedtime reading." I was super excited to find out there would be a sequel, and it only took me 24 hours to read the Serpent Sea-- I couldn't put it down! I am so excited to hear there will be a third book. I have not always been a fantasy fan, as I grew up reading Star Wars novels and other sci fi books. But my MIL and fiance have really gotten me into the genre, and I am absolutely HOOKED on your world. I love the characters, I love the places. It's just so much fun to read- such a great escape from reality. In a time where too many writers are giving us fluffy, shallow novels with no real development... I am glad people like you are still writing good books that capture the imagination!

Thank you so much, that's really nice to hear! I'm glad you enjoyed both books! :)

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