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I take an amino acid, GABA for my migraines. Magically, my acid reflux cleared up when I started taking GABA. More recently I had a bad bought with a drug interaction that gave me so much stomach pain I ended up lying in the fetal position on the bathroom floor. I increased my GABA, and it cured my stomach. GABA can be found at any health food store.

I think it's from just pure stress. I take ginger for most stomach issues and that generally helps.

GABA is one of two amino acids your brain and stomach need to relax. In Japan they use it to help focus. But I use it help it manage high stress situations.

Huh, that's interesting. I'll look for it.

There is a book, _The Edge Effect_ by Eric Braverman MD, that you might find interesting. His background is in neuroscience, but he's practicing longevity medicine. His goal in the book is to teach people how to improve brain function with amino acids. He and his clinic quite literally saved my life.

There's something very true and integral in the observation: "If Machete can pass the Bechdel test, so can you."

I'm sorry that your having a stressful time. I've had the ulcer, too, and it's jsut miserable....

Thanks. Yeah, I think it's just been one of those months.

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