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I had a lousy day yesterday, which resulted in ulcer-like feelings in the stomach. I hope they are psychosomatic ulcer-like feelings. I had an ulcer once before and it wasn't fun. But at least nobody I know was hurt by the tornadoes in the DFW area earlier this week, so that's a big plus in the good column.


Fantasy Cafe has posts from Women in SF/F all this month.

The first episode of Felicia Day's new web series, The Flog. Felicia tries blacksmithing, like her character in Skyrim. This was really funny, and I'm looking forward to the other episodes.

This is an older article that I think N.K. Jemisin linked to this on Twitter: (I bookmark a lot of stuff confident that I'll remember where I found it. Not so much.) Step into my film school! The importance of casting in breaking open movie stereotypes

Diana Pharaoh Francis How I Got My Agent and she has a couple of follow-up posts after this, on questions to ask prospective agents.

Aliette de Bodard linked to this on Twitter: The Mail simply threw Samantha Brick to the wolves: Clearly Brick's piece was absurd – but what's disgusting is the Mail's history of using and abusing female writers in this way
In 2009, Laura Scott was interviewed by the paper about her decision to not have children which, she wrote, stemmed from a lack of desire for biological children. The article was changed into a ghostwritten first person piece intimating childless adults hate parents and was full of factual inaccuracies. In the piece, Scott's friend Marie calls her "selfish" for not having children. "I do not have a friend called Marie," Scott wrote on her blog.

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