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I'm beginning to worry about my laptop overheating. It's about a year past the warranty, which is about when they usually conk out on me. I'm hoping to be able to afford one this month, which means backburnering my attempt to get new glasses.

There's a lot of good new books coming out, so I'm going to try to do a book rec post tomorrow.


I have a post on Fantasy Cafe's Women in SF/F Month: Women in SF&F Month: Martha Wells It's about the Raksura, their culture and the gender role reversal.

I was also interviewed on the /slashreport podcast this Sunday, but that link isn't coming up right now. For future reference, it's slashreport episode 206 Martha Wells ETA: Now it's working!


I'm involved in a kickstarter which only has around 9 days left to go: Tales of the Emerald Serpent Shared World Anthology. You can buy in at $5.00 for an ebook copy of the anthology, but some of the more expensive buy-ins have cool rewards. Like for $140.00 you get all the previous rewards listed, plus Juliet McKenna will make you a cross-stitch smart phone cover with an image from the anthology's art.

I posted a teaser snippet of my story here


Past couple of interviews:

Interview at the Mad Hatter's Bookshelf & Book Review Blog: Martha Wells, author of The Serpent Sea March 6, 2012

Interview by Chuck Wendig at the Terrible Minds Blog: Martha Wells: the Terrible Minds Interview February 9, 2012

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Ha! Looks like the Kickstarter project made it!

Yes, I was so glad to see that!

Depending on the environment your laptop is in (with lots of dust, pet hair, or other small matter that can easily clog a fan), overheating issues could be as simple as just the fan needing to be cleaned out properly. (Worst case, it might need replacing, but you shouldn't need a new laptop.)

Depending on the laptop, this is either pretty easy, or somewhat difficult, but even at its most difficult, it's usually not more than an hour or two of time for a professional, plus the cost of a replacement fan if it needs replacing.

The things that die in laptops are typically things that move: fans, hard drives. If you have good backups and you get your fan taken care of before the overheating becomes a serious issue, there's no reason it shouldn't last a while longer. (I had a PowerBook G4 that lasted almost 8 years before it finally went splooey with a dead video chip.)

Yay, the kickstarter made it! (You're going to remind us when they have real books available, too, right?)

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