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I don't know why I'm so tired this morning. It's not like I ran a marathon or dug ditches yesterday. I wrote a bunch of words and did laundry and took the recycling in and dropped off the last of the signed tax forms and went to the grocery store. There's no heavy lifting in there. I need to wake up. I will make myself go to aerobics class whether I like it or not.


The second episode of Felicia Day's show The Flog is up: The Flog: Streets of Rage

Anne R. Allen: 12 Myths About Being a Writer
2) Genre fiction is easy to write

People will tell you to start out with something “easy” like a romance/mystery/kid’s book. Don’t even try. If you don’t love a genre and read it voraciously, you’ll never write it well enough to publish.

Fantasy Mistressworks is looking for reviews of fantasy novels by women published before 2000.

Kate Elliott: The Narrative of Women in Fear and Pain
We’re constantly being asked to identify with inflicting pain on others.

Of course we are. You don’t just take over the other person’s life and body; you also take their voice, their dreams, their perspective. You take their right to speak and leave them with only the power to suffer, a suffering that can be lifted from them by death or by rescue but always by an agency outside themselves. You take their eyes and turn them into your eyes, your gaze, your way of looking at the world. When such stories are told in this way, they reinforce the perspective of the person who is watching the voiceless have no voice.

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