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Into the light

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Still managing to get some work done, despite kittenly distractions. We still haven't thought of a name yet.



On this Saturday, June 9, I'll be doing a talk on SF/F at 1:30 at the College Station Public Library. I'll be signing books, and the local Barnes and Noble should be there with copies of The Cloud Roads and The Serpent Sea to sell. I'll also have some of my older books available.



Damien G. Walter: Look after your brain. They don’t issue new ones.
There are a number of possible reasons why Bobby Fischer went mad. Genetics perhaps. An unbalanced upbringing. The pressures of celebrity. The possibility his paranoia regarding CIA and KGB plots to control him was less than 100% paranoid. But the idea I find most credible is put forward in the documentary film Bobby Fischer Against the World, that Fischer’s insanity was intrinsic to his greatness, both caused by diving too far in to the near infinite complexity of chess.

A Dribble of Ink, Aidan Moher: “It’s Amazing the Things We Know, That Are Actually Wrong” by Kate Elliott
The instant I say "diversity" what I mean, whether I want to or not, is that I’m writing to an audience in which the default mode lies in being male, white, and mostly straight. Or, to quote writer Aliette de Bodard, the [phrase] "'importance of diversity' boils down to 'why white people benefit from seeing POCs in fiction.'"

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Oh, he is a sweetie. He looks like a Horace or an Oliver to me.

I love the way some kittens have to grow into their ears! Our RaeAnn was that way. I have a photo mug with her as a kitten on one side, and as a grown-up young lady on the other side, in almost the same pose. Her ears stayed the same size. :-)

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What a sweetie-puss! Congratulations on the new addition!

He has such lovely big ears!
Aliette has such a way with words.

What beautiful green eyes!


I would get one of those if I weren't allergic....and if my dog wouldn't play with it (with fatal results). So adorable!

With such a cute kitten in the house, I'd understand if you were too distracted to get anything done.

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