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Ooh! A meme and a snippet at the same time!!!! *_*

Book four book four book four!

What fun!!! But Poor Moon!

Hah! Hurrah for getting a sneak peak! So looking forward to this.

Hmm. Doing this for mine is a lot longer. Fortunately p77 starts a new chapter, but it's a rather surreal little chapter. I'll go post it over in my journal.

(Deleted comment)
I'm not working on anything at the moment... I just started a new job and training is intense. But I just finished a Young Adult novel. Here are the specified lines:

The outside stairs down to the basement ran alongside the school building outer wall, outside Mr. Wiseman's art room. It felt weird, picking my way across a ruined parking lot decorated with scattered, burned wrecks of cars I almost recognized... while at the same time I could see through the windows into the Mr. Wiseman's room. Over in the corner by the door was the pottery wheel where I'd made about five thousand vases and urns in 3-D Art class... "The art room looks okay," I said. "No zombies, no monsters."

I somehow wasn't aware that you were working on a fourth book.

I may have squeed a little.

Maisie climbed in without hesitation. I tucked it around her, and she was asleep in minutes.
Jase and I retreated to the easy chairs that stood in one corner.
"Okay," he said. "Give."
So I told him everything, starting from the previous afternoon. His eyes got rounder and rounder while I talked.

"Mr. Black," he said carefully. Then, hopefully: "Is Tom3 here?"

I shook my head. "You know he isn't. Once a month, for the weekend." I waited. Half my brain was still occupied with programming, but I was losing track of elements and variables as I spoke. The longer I stood here, the more time it would take to get back into my work. I waited anyway.

so now i am coveting book four without even having the chance to read book three! i see what you did there!

What a good moment to get a snippet from! The suspense!

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