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I am in Chicago for WorldCon! I'm also on an iPad so please forgive any typing issues. My plane was supposed to take off at 7:15 in the morning yesterday and I ended up waking up at 3:30 am to get to the Houston airport, just because of worry about traffic, etc. Got there fine, then found out the flight had been delayed until 11:00. Standby was a nightmare of people freaking out, so I just waited for the flight. (The pilot said first we would arrive at 4:00, then 3:00. It's a two and a half hour flight, so we arrived at 1:30.) But I got here okay and then fell asleep at 7:30.

There will be a Night Shade Books and Night Bazaar party tomorrow at 7:00 in suite 2576, and I have a box of copies of The Serpent Sea to give away. Going to post thisnbefore the iPad loses it.

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Have fun! Wish I was there.

*waves from the Con Suite, where there is WiFi*

The airlines have gotten terrible about rescheduling people without notification. Our last vacation they had us delayed in Houston 2 days instead of 2 hours and didn't think we needed to know about the change.

Don't know if you've had a chance to look at the iOS app for the schedule, but it looks like they have you listed as 'Martha Wilson' instead of 'Martha Wells'. Made it difficult to find some of your sessions.

The paper guide, of course, is no trouble at all.

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Happy Birthday (a little late, I think)! Congratulations on Matthew Stewart's cover for The Cloud Roads winning a Chelsey!

It seems I am a bit late, but happy birthday! And have fun at the con!

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