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The Cloud Roads


It's Tuesday again. That's about all I've got right now.


There are only five more days in the Guys Lit Wire Book Fair for Ballou SR High School. Only around 100 books have been purchased for the school library off the wishlist, and there are a lot of books on sale or at only $9.95. Many of them are sequels to or the last book in a trilogy that the school already has.


NYT: New Zealand's Hobbit Trail Years ago, back when I had a day job, I went to New Zealand with a friend and among all the other touring, we did one of the tours that took you to some of the sites that had been used in Lord of the Rings around Queenstown. It was gorgeous. When we were in Auckland, she actually went to Hobbiton, but it was a really long bus ride, so I stayed in the city with friends and we went to the zoo, and did some shopping, and accidentally found the store owned by the weavers who did the cloaks and some other weaving for the movie.


New Kindle novella from fantasy writer Robin Wayne Bailey: Payday
Davy sensed something in the air that night when he and his lover, Jake, left the bar. Something in the wind. Something wrong. Yet, with Jake at his side, he felt safe, loved, and protected.

Four teenagers armed with baseball bats and crowbars changed all that. Now, Davy lies paralyzed in a hospital, Jake lies dead, and a gang of spoiled boys think they're home free. They couldn't be more wrong. When innocent blood is spilled, there will be Hell to Pay.

From the mind of Robin Wayne Bailey, Nebula Award nominee and former president of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, comes this moving tale of terror and revenge and love that survives even after death. A long-established author of science fiction and fantasy, Bailey now proves himself a master of horror, as well.


Help writer Tom Piccirilli after his cancer surgery by buying his ebooks.


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